Thursday, 21 August 2008


I have heard reports that an Ex - Girlfiend of mine has been asking of me and has probably heard that i am moving back.Her younger sister was too.

I would love to see the ex again as TBH i havent ever stopped thinking about her all that time.I havent seen her for 10 - 15 years ago as she moved away and i did later on.Her later boyfriend was/is an absolute Tosser and insecure with it as his behaviour towards her and myself when she was present was pathetic.

I dont think she is with him anymore but i could be wrong but what i was told was she has 3 kids now and has "Filled Out".Actually now i think about it she has left him and i heard quite negative things about him and i always knew he was no good and i was right.

Its going to be a shock when i see her again again thats for sure.I was very nearly kicked out of the family home aged 16 because i spent so much time at her flat that she rented very close to the art college as she was a student and 2 years older than i was.I first saw her at a place called The Crypt where everyone went on Friday and Saturdays and she was dancing to something or other and she looked like Madonna in about 1985.I just thought "I dont know who she is but i have to talk to her which i did.

I saw another girl who i knew from the age of 12 who lived close to where i lived but who was always just a friend unfortunatly.I was in a pub in the Old Town in Hastings and i saw her at the bar and couldnt believe it.I bought my drinks without her noticing i was there but i thought at the same time "Please come and sit outside where i am " and sure enough she did.

I made the first move as she didnt know i was there and she just said "Peter!!... i cant remember your second name .... You look really good !!!! "

She wasnt exactly going to forget.

"Well what did you expect ??!! and by the way so do you !!!"

It turns out she had just got married [Drat and DoubleDrat] and i met her partner there and then as well and he seemed alright but quiet and reserved and unassuming and i rather got the impression she is the dominant half of the relationship.If thats the case a relationship with her may not work from my point of view as i dont assume or play subordinate roles in relationships.Never.I dont or would never dominate either.I just want my equal and nothing else.I cannot be controlled by women but i am housetrained.

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