Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Faulty boiler update:

There comes a point in life where one has to admit that one does not know everything and in some cases actually knows nothing about a particular subject so the best thing to do then is to seek the advice of a professional who is highly qualified to answer any question about the subject and is able to diagnose a problem and then offer a correct solution.

The subject is Gas Boilers.

The problem is a gas flame that cuts out once hot water is running after a few seconds.But sometimes it doesnt.

3 seperate engineers said it was the PCB [circuit board] while not actually investigating the cause of the problem.

"Its the PCB.."

"Its the PCB..."

"Its the PCB ..."

So after taking their advice which was simple enough i bought a new circuit board and replaced it with the new circuit board which is an idiot proof operation that takes 1 hour fully expecting hot water at the end of it i find i am back to SQ one again and i am the proud owner of a new spare circuit board at the cost of 150 quid that was to replace the old circuit board that wasnt defective anyway as the fault is still present and i am going to have another Cold shower.Its like being at school all over again as that happened a lot there as well.Its character building apparently but luckily its summer and not winter and too a certain extent i enjoy a cold shower as i feel amazing afterwards.

This strikes me as incompetence and wrong information by highly qualified professionals who at the expense of thousands per year in Corgi registration fees and exams have failed to diagnose a simple Non-Volatile shutdown problem and i have had time and money wasted by wrong ,careless and sloppy disinformation.

The manufacturer who have been helpful so far should be able to diagnose the gas flame cut out code AO1 and provide a solution i hope.

But i just get sick and tired of the culture of incompetence that is everywhere.

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