Thursday, 28 August 2008

Alex Jones:

Not sure what to make of Alex jones but alarm bells are ringing.

I am not sure that shouting hysterically and acting like a deranged idiot at rallies where a load of hippies were congregating in an attempt to levitate the Federal Reserve building is a very good advertisment for anyone who is interested in plausible conspiricies and FemaCamps etc as its interesting to note that hardly any of the info in EndGame for example has been disproved.

I have watched his 20 minute monologues and unless he is playing up to the camera he comes across as emotionally unstable and hysterical like he has got psychological problems.Some of his behaviour is extreme and slightly disturbing to watch.

Its rather like someone who complains about stuff but never has anything positive to add or a solution to a problem.

Also i cant stand people who shout and raise their voice as Alex Jones does rather a lot like a deranged Idiot.

I rant but i rarely raise my voice.

So i believe Alex Jones and his followers are just another Cult with Alex jones being the Personality as Alex Jones attracts Loonies which in turn discredits the truth movement away from Rationality and over to the tin foil Hat wearers which is the perfect way to stop the whole thing being taken seriously by anyone else not forgetting of course all those who are lazy thinkers with closed minds who wont take anything seriously as they are in denial of reality or who want to preserve their own idea or view of what reality is to them.

The denial of Reality in the face of it is Cognitive Dissonance which is just simple predicatable psychology and worthy of its own dissertation sometime as its highly effective and whats more it is self imposed by the individual without any external assistance.

Fema Camps exist.That is fact so is all the rest like RFID.

Yet at the same time i believe that there is a reverse psychology going on here otherwise why make a film that points out facts but paints a picture that is so utterly depressing and hopeless if not to reinforce a mindset that says that you will never defeat it as its too big.

At no point in that film does it offer any real solutions to a very bleak picture which although i say it is fact what it really is is just a sequence of events that would logically follow each other into the worst worse case scenario ever as if to say the future is set in stone.

The ultimate in Pessimism.

I also think that although i will defend the individual parts of this film rather like Zeitgeist ,EndGame because of its bleakness and the way the info is presented is or could be very damaging to younger viewers or anyone who is easily disturbed in the way a lot of individuals were during the Cold War .

No rational solution is presented to the viewer.

And each time Alex Jones makes a film it is bleaker than the last.

Alex Jones i think is officially sanctioned [possibly] to spread this message of bleakness and i have watched instances where he is inviting everyone to potentially riot under certain circumstances in an attempt to overthrow the forces of darkness which is actually irresponsible and dangerous.

Rioting should not be the first choice of solution .Rioting isnt a solution at all.

So the jurys out at the moment but i dont take him that seriously .He is just a conduit for information.

I rarely visit his website.

There is something that is intrinsically not right about Alex Jones and Prison Planet and Infowars etc.

I was just reading a very interesting article that was deconstructing Alex Jones but it suddenly went off onto a Christian tangent which saved me at least half an hours worth of reading text.No need to go any further.

Alex Jones causes Psychological confusion and his bleak messages are both a form of psychological warfare while informing you that "there is a war on for your mind" which is true but he is bombarding the viewer with more of it which is wrong.

Just another personality who attracts followers.



No doubt alex Jones and his Followers are closely watched by government and are all on watchlists or just lists of Subversives.

Nothing is what it seems.

One must never stop questioning.

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