Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Today the whole of the town centre was ground to a halt by a bunch of scaffolders in a truck blocking the road who not only refused to move as they were not doing anything in particular as they were just standing around.They seemed to find the whole absurd spectacle very very funny.This was at 5pm in the evening.

I wasnt there .I was just told about it.You would think that amongst that chaos someone could have got them to move ?A member of the public ? [on second thoughts scrap that idea].

You get the craziest shit happening with people these days.Its like there is some sort of collective insanity that i seem to be immune to .I am sure it never used to be like this.

Anyway i had a situation with the same company some time back.I hired scaffolding off them.They are a bunch of yobs and behave disgracefully and unprofessionally.

I had their scaffolding up on a building on the seafront .The scaffolding had a corrugated roof on it that was tied down to the roof.

It was 4.30pm in the afternoon and all of a sudden out of nowhere came gale force winds up to 90 mph for a short period of time.The roof of the scaffolding started to be lifted up and was flapping about in the wind and was unstable and in danger of blowing away down the street probably taking out 2 dozen parked cars and god knows what else.

So i had to call the police and get the whole seafront road closed to traffic as it was that bad and a hazard to traffic.Then i called the scaffolders who were all in the pub drinking to get out here fast and fix the roof or do whatever.

So the yob of a scaffolder who owns the company shows up not very happy.Would you believe it he starts shouting at me as if its my fault and i am responsible.

By this point the fire brigade were here and this twat in front of them accuses me of tampering with the scaffolding .Not true.The fire brigade saw right through this of course.

Once they had finished securing the roof and back on the ground the guy i was just talking about starts shouting Oi !!!! Oi!!!! at me from across the road and saying "Get over here !!!" and generally being aggressive.

I could see what was going to happen and i said to the guy who i was working with who was there "He is going to start getting aggressive now . Watch this ! "

So i went over to ignorant dickhead listened to his verbal garbage .By this point i was starting to lose patience.

"You know fucking well i didnt interfere with that scaffolding !"

More threatening language and behaviour.

"Listen to me you Fucking Cunt!!....I SAID LISTEN !!!! ..If you ever try to drop me in it like that again then i am going to get fucking nasty.I dont like being accused of things i havent done.I dont like being shouted at like i am some fucking Dog.I dont like being threatened and i dont like someone like you taking advantage .So if you want to take this further and have a fight about it then fine .I enjoy it because i am fucking crazy.So dont ever fuck with me like that again !!"


"I refuse to have anything to do with your company again ever and i am going to tell everyone else to do the same and last of all start taking this pile of fucking Shit down on Monday when i will Fucking pay you off then Fuck OFF !!"

Police were here by then.

The stupid thing was he is insured anyway for this sort of thing.

Time to put this idiot back in his place i thought.

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