Tuesday, 19 February 2008

just saw something on the stairs -could have been a ghost:

I looked out of the window earlier to look at the Moon.Cat was waiting outside back from the days adventures.

Went downstairs to let Cat in.

On the way downstairs as i didnt bother with a light i could distinctly see a small black shape on the stairs about the size of a small cat.I thought thats odd ,what was that ? stepped over it and thought nothing of it.Went downstairs,let in cat,gave him some Smoked Salmon trimmings and went back upstairs.Cat followed and all of a sudden he was watching something on the landing.All his fur bristled up after going onto his chair/bed and backing up slowly against the wall. and i felt my back go up a bit but this time i couldnt see anything.I can still feel something though.I get the same feeling everytime something happens.Its a weird cold feeling that goes all down my back.Its difficult to describe.Sort of tingling inside and all over and a coldness in the air that washes over you.

I think i may have seen it a second time going down the stairs in a different place.

Anyway i turned on the light in the hallway.Cat wasnt impressed and has gone back out again.

I used to see sort of Shadows that werent there but that stopped years ago but this was a bit like that.

I am not impressed either as i feel on edge and feel as if i am being watched a bit as i keep looking over my shoulder to the door to see whats there.

I feel on edge and i wish it would just stop.

Its not much fun being hypersensitive but you just have to live with it.

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