Tuesday, 19 February 2008


This is still my favourite eating establishment in Brighton.I have been going there spradically whenever my Ma and Pa visit since 1978.It was my birthday and i went to Brighton for the day.

We had to have lunch so "Where do you want to eat then ? , choose somewhere "

so it was a toss up between Browns and the Great American Disaster which was round the corner and long since gone.It was a burger resteraunt where you got all the different pickles.Lovely stuff.I love American Food as much as Italian.Or Vegetarian Wholefoods that Mum was seriously into.Lovely stuff.You dont get veggie Wholefood resteraunts any more as they arent fashionable.We always went to Cranks next to Carnaby St plus you got Ceres and Natures Way shop/cafe.Hastings had one of these so we went to it a lot.A friends Mum who was a lefty in the traditional sense used to cook there inbetween protesting at Greenham common.This was mid 80s.We went to food Thought in Covent Garden that was packed out and its tiny and there was a queue going out into the street which shows its still popular.Went for lunch there after trailing round shops inbetween getting half an hour to myself were i got lost in Forbidden Planet.

Thats more like it ! especially after numerous clothes shops etc and the effing Cath Kitson shop.

Anyway you used to get food on wooden plates back then and that day i still remember hearing Silly Thing by The Sex Pistols playing when i was eating.

Last time i went there i ordered 3 Burgers and chips.The Waitress didnt believe i would eat all that in one go.Just watch i said and i will eat the lot.My record is 7 half pounders with short breaks inbetween.

The Great american Disaster eateries were predecessors to The Hard Rock Cafe.

Also pictured is Sticky Fingers in London which was opened by Bill Wyman of the Rahlling Stahnes or the Railing Staones or The Rolling Stones.I used to go there a lot at one point back whenever.

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