Wednesday, 6 February 2008

News just in:

I have received unconfirmed reports that US soldiers are involved in training exercises that are to prepare them for Martial Law in the US.This involves round ups , confiscation of weaponry ,and the shooting of US citzens including friends and family.

This paints a picture of a very unpleasent scenario indeed but within the realms the realms of possibility unfortunately.This situation will most probably coincide with the crash of the dollar if the dollar crashes.This is just one possible scenario.

I dont know if the military personnel sign up for this voluntarily or if they are forced/coerced into it.I dont know but it begs the question of what will it take for the military to say No ? You have to question the intellect of anyone that chooses to do this or even follow an order like that and have a conscience ?

It would make me question those that i am under if i was in the military or even start a mutiny within it and turn the loaded gun on the oppressor .That being whoever is in the white house and has declared an irreversible state of martial law.I say irreversible under normal procedure but the answer is to reverse it by force and take it back and the same goes for the UK if it happens but its a different kettle of fish here for lots of reasons.At least you in the US have the luxury of the 5th ammendment and the right to bear arms.We dont have that here.I know the US has high rates of gun crime but Canada doesnt and they have the right to bear arms.A smaller population perhaps is one reason but it doesnt stand up to scrutiny.

Anyway you guys in the US have over 600 FEMA fully manned and operational Detainment/concentration camps all over the US waiting to be filled.Fill them up with your elite Nazi political and right wing christian funda - Mental - ists .

Anyway we will see what happens but i cant see how they are going to pull this one off successfully as your MR Bush etc seem to have been very incompitent so far to the extreme.I have been over this before but once more how can an already overstretched and demoralised pro army hope to oppress a country of your size successfully ?

Cant see it somehow and anyway only a psychopath would shoot citzens withouyt question? Thankfully psychopaths are in a minority as post traumatic stress syndrome will tell you.

So anyway if i was in the US now [I have lived there for short periods ] i would now be considering leaving permanently as i couldnt reconcile myself with your travesty of a political system not to mention your population of zombie Sheeple.That doesnt mean all of you by any means, just a very large majority who are too lazy and stupid to realise that you have been had simply because you lack the ability to think critically and deconstruct and analyse things instead of at face CNN/ FOX News value.

Anyway you have another election coming up and you still believe that your vote means something and that you can change things by paricipating in elections.Its hopelessly naive and laughable.Collectivly you can change things if only you would wake up and realise what is going on under your own noses.Same goes for the UK too.Exactly the same.

Peoples apathy and stupidity are their own worst enemy.But it seems to be how you all like it to be simply because you cant or wont grow up and take responsibility for what is happening.

Personally i just try to tell others what is happening even if it upsets their own view of reality but as you all know burying your head in the sand doesnt make a problem go away.The problem just gets bigger that way.I find its much more effective to attack a problem head on but i am in a minority and thats why everything is in a mess.

You all go off to Iraq and Afghanistan because you are told to .You send your kids off to join the army without question.None of you will change anything until you stop doing what you are told and start saying No.Only then will this awful mess end.

But we have Iran waiting in the wings and your governments willful unreasonable reasoning that Iran must be attacked.There is already a build up of Russians in the middle east waiting.The reason for this is simple:Saudi Arabia has recently been coerced into continuing to trade with the US in dollars.Also Iran has said it is going to refuse to trade with the US in Dollars so that is really why the US is throwing a tantrum over the Iran situation while all intelligences says that they are not a threat to world peace and stability.

But guess who is ?

This ends.

By the way things are not much better here politically either but thats another story.

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