Friday, 22 February 2008

The Manchurian Candidate:

Yes thats right in the spirit of life imitating art here is the Manchurian Candidate coming to a cinema im sorry i mean a Democrats election rally.

This guy is beginning to iiritate me already as when you listen to what he says its easy to miss it as he doesnt *say* anything and also he nicks others speeches and verbally regurgitates them as if they are his own.Also he has a sort of blankness about him as if the lights are on but no one is home if you know what i mean.|Somewhat under the influence of something or other.

He is a terrible vocal Orator as well if you listen.Just as bad as Bush in some ways.The same but different.

No one knows what he actually stands for apart from defending the rights of the super rich who are financing his campaign.

Doesnt matter the Sheep will still vote for him no matter what.Look at them all in the background .They will believe anything.

I have a feeling he may win this election as he is probably more easy to manipulate than HC.

Vote for O-BAAAAAA -MA !


Its like the second coming.The messiah has taken the world stage.It is a bit weird what is going on with the scenes of mass hysteria that are happening.I wonder if he heals the sick and can do that trick with the bread and the water into wine ? do you get the house red or can you choose a particular vintage?

Its actually dangerous stuff as the election is being played out on an emotional level rather than pol,itical.People are genuinly wanting change ,and all the speeches are playing on that and to a large extent exploiting it.Its a bit like the donkey following the carrot on a stick.He keeps going towards it but the carrot is always just out of reach where eventually it will cruelly be snatched away at the last minute.I do actually feel sorry for the US electorate in this situation because a change isnt gonna come or it will but not the change that they want.Its a bit like the rise of Hitler in the 30s in Germany.They are dependant on economic factors/disillusionment in politics/ not to mention the perceived threat to national security and loads of other things.The electorate rally behind their new "leader" who supposedly has the answer to all their problems and mass hysteria takes hold.I am sure he will be healing the sick shortly and feeding the 5000 or whatever.

I really dont see a change for the good happening but i would like to be proved wrong.What i see happening is disturbing to say the least.

Oh and by the way Kennedy was assasinated because he was going to get rid of the Federal Reserve.The Rothschilds own 10% of every US Dollar in circulation even though the majority of the value of the dollar is backed by nothing.Almost not worth the paper they are printed on as the Federal Reserve is backed by nothing.

Now you know.

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