Wednesday, 5 March 2008

roadrage update :

I think he has definatly gone now .I simply have not seen him anywhere and neither has anyone else since i followed him home and put the shits up him a bit.

I was chatting to my Dad about him and he said " Do him over [rough him up a lot] and dump him in one of those basements you get with the railings and the steps going down".

I thought that was a bit excessive even by mind standards and he only escaped it because i couldnt be bothered with him .

Still one less piece of lowlife transient trash in the area.That can only be a good thing.

"Never shit on your own doorstep " springs to mind immediately.

I hope he took his peroxide blonde fat white trash girlfriend with him.

Never trust baldy thin lipped bastards.

I was punched in the ear and when i yawn [which is all the time ] i get a sharp shooting pain on that part of the jawbone that is next to the ear and i feel it in my ear .It hurts like hell for a couple of seconds sometimes.It happens less often these days.

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