Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Why ?

Why does my housemate always have to turn the light on to go up the stairs during daylight ? I dont even use a light at night when there are no lights on as i can see alright in the dark.It seems a bit lame to me almost like an involuntary action.Also people are obsessed with artificial light at night.I just find it unnecessary and a waste.Also you always get someone who says "Do you want more light".Its not their fault as they are trying to be helpful but very often i dont need more light as i can see just fine without it.

And dont even get me started on light pollution.

There is a street just over the road that is so excessivly lit at night that i couldnt live there as there is this awful orangy yellow diffused light that is everywhere.Horrible.If its necessary to have steet lighting then why is it necessary to light up the sky as well ? Why not just point the light source in a downward direction ?

The old fashioned lamposts are better in this respect.

I simply cannot stand bright light in the home from overhead lightbulbs at night as they just do my head in.Halogen mini spotlights are much better.

Vast amounts of electricity are wasted every day by lighting at night .A lot of it could just be turned off .

Get rid of it all.

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