Monday, 11 February 2008

photo of aforementioned landfill site:

Will ya just look at that !

Read this :35 feet of rubbish.Thats 35ft deep and probably as much if not more wide.

We are trying to get an organised dig going and perhaps Time Team special on CH4.Its a pointless exercise infiltrating the site as its full of thuggish looking builders and the rubbish in question is covered over but is accessible for the future.The tip dates back to 1810.

I have been tipped [ha ha] off about another area next to the railway adjacent to the main tip site behind an industrial estate.Thats to be explored on Saturday.

The 2 bottles pictured is the end result of 10 mins digging with a small hand fork.back for more on Saturday afternoon /sunday afternoon as digging is too conspicous otherwise what with a tyre/exhaust fitting place opposite.

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