Saturday, 16 February 2008


Shame this was broken as its very very very rare indeed C1858 >The fineness of the throw of the pot and the colour of the glaze and the pottery makes me think its doulton Lambeth pottery.I can even see fingerprints in it.

Todays dig came to nothing.It was just as load of hardcore laid to make a pathway.Everything is broken.Never mind i had a nice 10 minutes dig and i was very very very lucky to find the 2 items pictured considering this was broken up hardcore.That was my talent for sniffing things out if they are buried.[i think]

Someone somewhere has boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of bottles out of the tip in a garage somewhere.[thousands i am told but i have told them a million times please dont exaggerate]One of the builders from the site.I just need to find out who it was.They havent been ebayed. [yet]

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