Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Noisy housemate:

My housemate has become a bit noisy in the early hours of the morning with selfish inconsiderate behaviour.This has annoyed me and as i have found out has been seriously annoying the neighbours resulting in an email being sent to their Landlord resulting in a letter being sent to myself outlining the problems and grievences that it has caused and possible courses of action to be taken if the noise does not stop.

I must admit i have been careless about this as i have been going to bed late etc while not being personally responsible for the noise as i am mostly upstairs.

I have resolved this by replying to the letter by email and chatting to the neighbours who are aware of the situation.They realise i dont make the noise but housemate does.These are my neighbours of 4 yrs and have been perfect in every way.

Now every so often noise is unavoidable but this has to stop.

So i will be vigorously policing the noise levels in this house in a kind of all noise levels to be very low after midnight without exception unless the odd party or whatever.I will be operating a non negotiable curfew on noise after midnight that is absolutly non negotiable no matter who is making it.Anyone who argues with this will be dealt with swiftly and very harshly if they choose to contradict my directive.

My word is the law>

I am Not i say again Not going to have the neighbours upset by noise and i am Not i say again Not going to have this address being reported to the Councils nuisance Neighbours list as if its some chav house on an estate.

I was shocked to find this out TBH as ihave never been a nuisance to anyone since i have lived in Brighton.I never had neighbours on the other side of the wall before as in Hastings and before that i had always lived in detached houses with neighbours a fair distance a way.I take this very seriously indeed and i have reassured the neighbours that this wont happen.They understand but its up to me to take some responsibility for things which i should have done a long time ago TBH.Thats like being dragged through the mud [being reported].We have the odd party 2 to 3 times a year.Thats normal.

I did upset the neighbours in Hastings once when i was cleaning the cars and played Cars By Gary Numan very very loud repeatedly in the car stereo.This was when it was no 1 in the charts so thats going back a bit now.

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