Saturday, 16 February 2008

Government stupidity - whats new?

Lets ban smoking in *all* pubs.

Lets cut down on carbon Emissions.

Lets all use low Energy Lightbulbs [I would rather live by candlelight or Low Wattage Halogen bulbs thank you][I dont do low energy lightbulbs]

Lets cancel out all that by Pubs insisting that they have to heat the Beer Gardens with Gas fueled Patio Heaters sending all that heat straight into the atmosphere.[because of a smoking ban because the poor things cant stand the cold here in the UK even though it isnt cold .Go and live in Canada and see what cold is.

You cannot heat the outside air with a heater without burning fossil fuels or burning something unless you use leccy so you cant win.

Its fucking insanely stupid.

Beam me up Scotty

Whoops wrong planet/species.

This planet is full of semi retarded Primates in positions of power.

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