Thursday, 21 February 2008

Privatised utilities :

Business as usual for privatised utilities.Record record profits after fleecing the entire country.Pensioners [i hate that description] have to make a choice between eating and heating.It really is an absolute fucking disgrace yet it goes on every year in year out.No one does anything about it."but they are regulated" no one does anything about it.Dont give me all that "but they are regulated " shit as its nonsense.About as inneffective as the FSA.Another government sponsored official body that does sweet FA as they are in the pockets of the rich.The government are in the pockets of the rich.

In a civilised society you wouldnt have privatised companies and their parasitic shareholders feeding off the misery inflicted on others.Fuck off and die all of you and contribute something useful to society just once by ridding the planet of your useless selves.

Why cant they give concessions to those in poverty if they make that much money ?

Why dont *the government" do anything about this ?

They are a sham and a disgrace to the nth degree and notwithstanding the odd decent decent politician i wouldnt piss on any of them if they were on fire if anything i would add more fuel to the fire instead and let them burn.

By the way the only way to be disconnected is by the utilities digging a hole in the road which they very rarely do and its illegal if a house is in occupation to cut off water.

People are full of wrong.

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