Saturday, 16 February 2008

Change you Cant believe in :

[The bullshit Detector seems to be going off every 5 seconds these days]

This is someone [8th cousin of Dick Cheney] promising No Change or change you can believe in. Believing in change doesnt make sense.If there was visible change then you wouldnt believe in it as you would see it for yourself.Usually beliefs concern things that cannot be quantified into anything that is plain to see like God or Fairy Tales or ETs or Greys or Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster or a a candidate for the white house that promises real change[apart from JFK ].There is no physical evidence for any of these things [although Ets are debatable]

You can believe in change if you are going to or know how to change things yourself but you cant expect a presidential candidate to change anything if they have clearly stated they are not going to change anything.

"I am black/mixed race ,Vote for me.I must be alright as i am black/mixed race ! You can trust me Honest!"

And there are Fairies at the end of my garden that live there.

Business as usual then.

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