Wednesday, 30 January 2008

I was sacked today !!!

Yep i was sacked today from a building site.Partly for lateness .Half an hour late an hour late today.Not to mention i have had tools nicked from the site.I was non too plussed about this and made a bit of a fuss about it.

"Its at your own risk !!! "said the site foreman.

Just because they dont want to compensate for my losses.

Yes well i cant work in that sort of enviroment where things go missing while my back is turned.

I have had that mixer for 5 years and as soon as i come onto a place like this it goes missing after 2 days.

"Anyway get yer tools and pack up yer not working ere anymore ! "

A load of Bollox.

Never again.

the best news i have had all day as i have never been so bored at work in my entire life to the point i was clockwatching all day for the simple reason there was not enough work to do as i did it all too quickly.Far too quickly.

Anyway no ill feelings towards the foreman as he was actually alright.Its just that his logic is a bit skewed.

The site is a new hotel that is opening that is a 5 star hotel called the Brighton Hotel.The style is a mixture of Freddie Mercury and the Maharishi or something like that so the radio advertisments claimed.The reality is somewhat different however.The general style isnt terrible but its not what i would call a 5 star hotel.It all looks a bit cheap and tacky and the finish is definatly the worst i have seen in a very long while.The paintwork is full of bits of grit and runs and bits of plaster.Lumps everywhere.The plasterwork that has been repaired is terrible and looks like it has been fixed by someone who is visually impaired although there may be some very good visually impaired plasterers around but i dont know any.The wall on the main stair case are full of holes and scrapes that have just been painted.The wallpapering is terrible as all the joints are not butted up properly and overlap with dried paste smeared all over the edges as it hasnt been washed off with a wet sponge.Plus cheap looking nylon carpet.The type where you get a huge burnt crater if you drop a burning cigarette on it.Last of all a disproportionatly small kitchen for the size of Hotel.

All in all its more like a 3/4 star hotel not 5. 5 stars isnt that great when you get Hotels with much higher ratings than that.

Another ex employee of the site had a very serious grudge over something as they took it upon themselves to smash 12 7 foot high floor to ceiling windows on the ground floor that were laminated glass.I will tell you that it takes considerable force to smash laminated glass and they used a heavy circular hammer as you could tell by the impact holes in the glass.

One room with a circular bay and reinstated ceiling mouldings that dont follow the curve of the ceiling but instead it looks more like half of a Threepenny bit as they didnt have the know how to run up curved components on a bench plus the fact that have used a component they found elsewhere with a repeating pattern that cannot either be used on a curved ceiling or they negated to reproduce and use the modified curved component.Either way it looks a fucking mess and may have to be corrected probably by the plasterer i work with.We get lots of work going around correcting platerwork messes made by others in Brighton and Hove.

There is a rival plasterwork company called Fuller Brothers who are a couple of yobs who are brothers.They are totally useless and leave a mess wherever they go.If they do outside ornamental work they always use Cement as they dont know any better.They fixed some large architectural elements to an outside of a building a while ago .They detached themselves from the building and fell and smashed on the pavement.

I call them FullOfShit brothers and i give them very negative feedback to anyone i can at any given opportunity i can do so.

What are they going to do about it anyway ?

This hotel contract was given to FullerShit Brothers as their quote was cheaper.

Save a penny - end up spending a pound type scenario although the plasterers onsite installing the mouldings were subcontracted by Fullershit Brothers.I dont know who they were but one of them who looked like he had one foot in the grave had a bit of an attitude because he was tecnically the most skilled trades person on site .Shame about the standard of work ,the poor quality of the elements that were cast up and last of all the installation of them.Still not my problem.

They took over from Standens Plastering after they [Standens] went bust over the Marlborough House Project Fiasco i talked about earlier.

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