Monday, 1 August 2011

Debt ceiling solution :

"Also time is running out to set up the "super congress" to overide congress but in reality that is probably what will happen at the last minute as its already set up."

[quoting myself]

Now it is a reality just like i thought that it would be as it was so obvious.

Set up a council of 12/13 that oversee and override and veto anything that gets in its way as and when it feels like it by claiming superiority over the political process in the US making congress and the senate etc redundant.

The US is now officially a dictatorship and this situation is very similar to Hitler seizing power and it makes the US closer to what was the USSR back in the day where you have an executive branch that holds all the power surrounded by minions and a monlothic bereaucracy.

Hope and change anyone ??

Its all downhill from here.............and its been going downhill for some time.

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