Thursday, 11 August 2011

London Riots:

I is done alright out of the rioting as i is got 3 Ipods 2 flat screen TVs and shoes and sportsgear innit and like i smashed up some cars and me and my mates beat up some shopkeepers innit and the thing is the police right cant do nothing to stop us and we is going to do what we want as they arent going to do nothing about it like the police who think that we can be nicked for doing things but we int having it no more like from them rich people who is like takin the piss like as they is running businesses so they is rich so we thought it was well funny smashing stuff up showing the rich that they cant stop us doing what we like just cos they is rich and everyone was just going like well mental and chucking stuff around it was well funny and its like the conservatives or whatever they are as its like their fault innit but my mates thought it was well funny as we were like totally drunk as like we are been drinking like all night and the rich are rich because they are running businesses and its like all their fault which is why this is happening like and everyone was going to start just like rioting and that it was good fun with my mates and that and my mate got this wicked TV out of like Dixons that was like well wicked and it would have cost about 1000 quid like cos its like about showing the police that we can do what we want as it wasnt like a protest or nothing like that or anything.

On a more serious note this just goes to prove what a fucked up and perverse place the UK is and while other countries riot about something meaningful in the UK its nothing but mindless violence and the destruction of homes and property.Totally mindless and a total disgrace and as usual the police and govt make a complete fuck up out of it all as per usual.I dont advocate rioting anyway in general as its trashing your own enviroment.

Scotland Yard had the police on stand down as ordered by the higher ups so they just let it all happen and then show up and arrest and disperse anyone who takes matters into their own hands and do the job that the police are paid to do and if those that are taking matters into their own hands are White then that makes it so much better.Prevention of criminal activity is ineffective when compared to letting it all happen and then mopping up later and relying on CCTV footage.In any event its clear that police were stood back from it and not preventing anything.

Lots of Whites are being fast tracked through the courts but as usual prosecuting Blacks and Asians for similar crimes is not politically correct while at the same time certain commentators and journalists are trying to inject race into this situation when it involves Whites and Blacks etc and the reason there is a higher concentraqtion of Blacks and Asians involved in specific instances is simply because there are high concentrations of them in particular areas.Of course when its Whites defending homes and property there is a racial divide as the fact they are Whites is over-stressed when there was no need in the first place to point out that they are White but of course various socio-economic factors are not taken into consideration as much as race is but its because they are fixated with it [the Liberal media].Whites defending their homes and property just have to be racially motivated of course.

The Nanny State is wetting its bed over the people defending their own streets and property and especially as sales of hammers and baseball bats and all manner of defensive objects have gone up in response while the pllice and govt have been urging everyone not to take matters into their own hands despite their clear negligence because they want everyone to be dependent on them and helpless and scared [learned helplessness] instead of working on their own initiative and getting together with other like minded individuals who have decided to empowewr themselves and their communities and possibly work with police to prevent future rioting and looting.For example rioters were going to target Turkish businesses and they were met by Turks who had knives and swords so they ran off back home back to where they came from.This is exactly what needs to be done as its prevention as noone was hurt and the cowardly Chavscum rioters will think twice.This has been hapopening all over the place and its the most positive aspect out of a very negative situation.

If you have common sense then you would have these kinds of items already without having to rush out and buy them but in todays society you are not encouraged to actually be safe as you are only encouraged to feel safe and coddled and protected while being completely passive and dependent but these limp wristed govt types and the such like are now more concerned with people having defensive objects instead of the causes of this and the costs of it.

They can all fuck off because not that i will need to use them but i have all manner of objects that could be used for my defence and the fact is it was those who were on the streets with baseball bats who mainly put a stop to it all.

Of course now there is a focus on the "vigilante" groups instead of the rioters.

Communities in affected areas and beyond are strengthened as a result of this as is their resolve to deal with any further instances of rioting and looting.

Those rioting must have been rioting against Dixons and Footlocker etc.

Rumour has it that "Journalists" were offering kids cash to get them to go on wrecking sprees.This is an unsubstantiated claim via Twitter that journalists in a plain looking blue car were soliciting kids to riot in some shithole part of london which is very fertile ground for soliciting potential rioters.Although this is unproven beyond a witness statement its an interesting proposition to imagine that it was provocateurs who were posing as Journalists which could possibly explain why this situation sprang up out of nowhere all at once and in various places and they have perfect cover as it will simply be blamed on copycat behaviour which of course it was but i am curious if it was helped along just a little bit.Knowing what i know this is certainly plausable.

As the police were ordered to stand down then this is going to present a problem to those wanting to be compensated through their insurance policies as insurance companies dont pay out to compensate negligence or if they do then they are going to have to bill the UK govt for their costs as it was negligence on the part of the UK govt pure and simple which is why CaMoron has stated that the Govt will compensate those affected [via the taxpayer] which is because they know that insurances companies wont pay out and to compensate for their own negligence.

The fact is that if this type of thing had been a lot more widespread than it was then the police would have been incapable of stopping it as it would have been system overload so they would have to prioritise and let some places burn as the fire services would not be able to deal with it either so this goes to show how easily and quickly everything could go to hell.The fact that the police did not deal with it appropriately and quickly is just going to encourage more of this sort of thing in the future.

Another thing is politicians have no solutions to urban decay and deprivation and kids with no prospects and opportunities and no money other than handouts and no future and while it is easy to label them as scum a lot dont understand the causes of it.Others on a comment section i post on where Americans who were condemning the "vigilante" groups amongst other gibberish and pretending to know all about the UK but i soon put a stop to that and one in particular who couldnt even tell the difference between a London accent and a Geordie accent.Stupid blowhard Prick who i completely nailed.Of course if the "vigilante" groups were Americans then they would not have said what they said.Boring crap but someone has to sort them out and correct their babble but no one will ever learn anything from them because they are devoid of facts and probably have an agenda of their own.Why those who were and are protecting their property and communities were condemned i will never understand.

Politicians and their higher ups who have created an underclass have no clue about what to do with them or any positive solutions and this is a problem that has been building up and stored up for decades in the UK ever since Thatcher.One of these kids was in court and being given a stern talking to by the judge to sort their life out but when you look at the kind of enviroment they come from then they dont have much of a life to sort out as they have no future and no advantages so really its the system that needs to be sorted out rather than complaining about a symptom of a failed by design society.

The idiot who i sorted out kept saying that the "vigilante" groups were "beer swilling football loving morons" so i told him to fuck off as he was using the fact that a majority of them more than likely like football as a stick to beat them with.The same idiot was insisting that the UK police are armed with M16s which is wrong and then went on to say that he had pictures of police with M16s and when i disputed this he said that why the photos he claims to have seen were photoshopped which is obviously the case or that he does not know what an M16 looks like it.Another day and another internet blowhard.

Vigilante is a euphamism for self defence.

Other commenters were lamenting the poor gullible sheeple as they are falling into a trap set by the elites by asking for the police to do their job.How stupid are they for expecting the police to do what they are supposed to do instead of telling them to stay in their homes.

Support the Police.

DO NOT protect your homes and communities and beat yourself up while you are at it.Share the workload of the UK police and if you see an instance of this then please do not report it.

The idiots want to close down Twitter etc to stop them communicating which is utterly pointless as they will call each other up instead.if they are banned from social networks then again this is utterly pointless and futile as they will go through their friends or open up another account.In any case the criminal class that be want to use social networks for intelligence gathering which also means that the CCTB could be fed misinformation through social networks.That is already happening as the police are monitoring and they read that there is a gang heading towards wherever who explicitly state that they are going to wreck the place and the police show up and its a non-event.What terrible mischief which will result in more chaos.

Personally i would rather all this was not happening and i find myself thinking back to how uncomplicated life was back in the 70s/80s and even 90s when i wasnt aware of what i am now aware of and although i always had an idea that something was not right it was simpler as i just had my suspicions and not a lot else.

I often think back to when you used to get slow news days.

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