Thursday, 25 August 2011

NATO/ALCIADA hypocrisy :

NATO are concerned that ALCIADA in Libya that they are funding and arming to overthrow Gadaffi will smuggle arms out of Libya when its obviously alright to import arms into Libya so they want the borders of Libya secured to keep arms from leaving Libya when commonsense dictates that arming them and employing them in the first place is highly irresponsible unless its yet another problem-reaction-solution which is certain.They arm them and now they are concerned about it ??

It really makes sense to destabilise a previously stable country and to instigate a civil war that could last for years.Its also very curious how there has never been any mention in the MSM about legitimate protestors and campaigners for political change in Libya as its ALL about "Libyan rebel forces form Bhengazi" as if to suggest that they reflect the wishes of the entire Libyan population and also the so called Libyan rebel forces have never made it clear what they themselves have in mind for Libya as they are mostly politically illiterate imported goat herders from Iraq and Afghanistan etc who have the LibyaNWO NatioNWO TransitionaNWO Council to speak for them who have been selected by the CFR etc etc and from what i have seen from them i do not like what i see and hear.

It really makes sense to allow the Jihadist "Libyan rebel forces" to impose Shariah law on Libya which is NOT the way to create a free and open society.The reason for stating this is that the draft of the new Libyan constitution appears to allow the imposition of Shariah law which ism incompatiable with Democracy and at this point it is unknown what the consensus of Libyans is regarding Shariah law as it appears to be something that is connected to the Jihadist ALCIADA rebel forces who despite apparently hating the West dont seem to object to being armed and funded by the West and the West does not seem to mind funding and arming the same organisation and even individuals who have been killing US/UK military personel in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Stealing the Libyan resources and preparing the ground[via globalisation] to be fully exploited by Fortune 500 companies and destroying their infrastructure and loaning Libya cash to rebuild and privatising their bankling system and preventing the water irrigation project to direct water to the rest of Africa and instigating civil unrest/disorder/war and so on sure sounds like a plan.

This is too sick for words right now.

Stupid fuckers but its exactly what i expect from NATO filth like that freakish female [i think ?] spokeswoman for NATO on Newsnight the other night that was featuring the staged rebel seizure of Tripoli and the alleged end of Gadaffi.

Can William Hague,David CaMoron,Obama,the UN/NATO/US or anyone at all please explain how ariel bombing a city for days and days on end with no respite is not creating a humanitarian disaster and if Tripoli was alleged to be under the control of victorious rebel forces then why is it still being bombed ?

I can answer that last question and its because rebel forces have not taken Tripoli as they were set up and have walked into a trap that they cant get out of and the same goes for other areas of Libya and it was designed to fail to create the pretext for a foreign stabilisation force to enter Libya which is most probably only a couple of weeks away if that....

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