Thursday, 11 August 2011

Trash problem :

My trash is full of recovered files which are all Flash and Plug in files that i cannot get rid of no matter what.I have tried every trick within OSX to force the trash to empty to circumvent it and i cannot remove the files from the trash into a folder and i cannot add anything else to the Trash to clear the desktop.

Error series -50 if i recall that correctly.

Very annoying.Having tried again right now it seems to be emptying very slowly which was unexpected but in any case the recovered files will not be emptied from the trash as so far they number 96 in total.

I think i might contact the companies who created the files to see what they have to say about it as i want rid of them all.

Wow.after all that hassle last night it has now completely emptied for the first time.I did try various triciks but i have no idea which of those made the trash empty as i was just fiddling around and none were successful at the time unless it was something to do with restarting today.I didnt particularly want to call a friend that i neglect just to ask for advice and i didnt want to pay to get rid of the problem.

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