Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cowardice :

What is the definition of a coward ?

Someone who attempted[as in failed] to get me banned from a forum behind my back.

It seems like my intuition was right because i knew that something was going on behind my back concerning particular individuals as it was obvious.

I have NO respect for anyone who cant be upfront about things but the individual in question who called for the ban didnt act out of character.Why anyone thinks that i would ever return to that place after all that has happened is deluded as it would be like volunteering to be abused on a regular basis and its curious that some lamented my leaving while being completly silent when the abuse was going on not that i wanted or needed their support as i can take care of myself but its still curious.......Half a dozen or so expressed that they were sad about it and i am expected to go running back ?

I dont think so.People come and go in life so they should get on with it and forget about it as i prefer life in the wilderness and to go where i am appreciated.

There are others who have a very different idea about what is and isnt reasonable.Perhaps then since this is the case then we really should not be talking to each other anymore.A week or so afterwards there was that unpleasent business in Norway which served to demonstrate that i was entirely justified in my objections to be labelled and smeared as a such and such.You know what i am talking about.I was disappointed by that comment.

I visited that site a short while ago for the first time since leaving and have no wish to return to it.

I left that site for 3 months as a trial and then reurned once again but while being absent from it i made a deal with myself that if there was any more juvenile bitching and squabbling then i would leave permanently as i just found it all to be very negative and draining and stressful and to keep repeating the process would be like doing something stupid over and over again and not learning from it.

People are very very odd.

"90 percent of what i typed was drivel" or words to that effect ?

If you are talking politics/truth in particular amongst what else i typed which did include drivel then its completely ignorant as its all verifiable but i do understand the constraints of peer pressure upon individuals who care too much about what others think in life.Personally i dont believe that statement was true as i rate your intelligence levels to be much higher than that as apart from anything else you are intelligent enough to show interest in the subject and for that and many other reasons i do have a considerable amount of respect for you.

If you are reading this and dont know what i am talking about then thats because you do not need to know.

[I had to type all this just to get it out rather than carrying it around as baggage and its mostly negative as that is what needed to be addressed but the positives exist as well.]

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