Friday, 12 August 2011

Syria is the new Libya :

Its happening all over again as arms are being trafficked into Syria by proxies of the criminals that run the US and the UN into the hand of thugs that are killing off Syria security forces.

While Syria is under a not very pleasent regime there are two sides to this as in what is going on behind the scenes and the UN has now imposed sanctions against Syria so you know that something is cooking and it will be a repeat of what has gone on regarding Libya.Nato have already outlined a plan to attack Syria as their attempts to subvert Syria by other means are designed to fail like in Libya which creates the pretext to attack by airstrikes which always follow sanctions and anyone with a clue knows that sanctions are harmful to Syrians like they were with Iraqis for example.Sanctions are inhumane but sanctions dont run for very long anymore as they are a quick interim period before the attacks start as there is no time to waste.The crusade to spread "Democracy" [install a proxy political leader and attendent regime that is Western/NWO/Globalist compliant].No more uppity independent despots/leaders.Its the NWO* way or the highway for all of you.

When there is an obvious political regime like Syria which can be easily condemned the US/UN will make a big deal out of condemning the regime and its leader as it gives them the perfect justifiable prestext to attack tthe country as it gives them a platform distract from their lack of morality by appearing to be and sounding moralistic and humane etc etc but its all a facade.Always the same sickening self righteousness always with a lack of empathy and sincerity.Sickening fake moralistic hypocritical empty platitudes.When it concerns other countries like the Yemen for example its all hushed up and almost covert so they only make a show of it when they have their own pretext and when its politically expedient.The sickening smugness of Hitlery Clinternationalist is horrible to watch.

If you dispute this then its pointless as the record of US foreign policy[figuratively speaking] and the actions of and effects of speak for themselves.

If someone had lied to you 100 times previous would possibly not trust their word 100 percent ?

Obviously by that point you are still listening to them and not doubting their word you would have to be some kind of idiot but that seems to be the problem with a lot of people.

If those that run the US and the UN were not undesirable then you could see this all as a legitimate attempt to assist Syrians and improve their situation but sadly this is not the case as much as it may appear to be to the uninitiated.

The term NWO is borrowed from GHW Bush amongst others.

"Its a big idea"

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