Thursday, 11 August 2011

Idiotic video:

The above video was the reason i was critical of CV and those in the video and it was only out of curiosity that i clicked on it but as far as i am concerned it epitomises so much that is wrong with people today and particularly the age group featured in the video.I dont make a point of commenting on Youtube very often but i did this time but i got a rated comment that got 34 thumbs up and comments and counting before it was removed plus the beginnings of an interesting conversation about the definition and interpretation of Anarchy with someone else who was far more knowledgable about it than i am.

If you are going to offer up a video to the rest of the world to share and post opinions of then it seems to be very churlish and juvenile and petty to disable the comments just because they were not favourable or complimentary and in any case how could you present a video like that and not expect unfavorable comments ?

Typical Narcisissistic behaviour.Everyone has to adore them and shower them with compliments or else they sulk and do something to spite you.

In any case i renamed the Love Police as the Cunt Police.In any case it made a change to comment about something trivial for once rather than the future of the economy and so on.

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