Thursday, 4 August 2011

Charlie Veitch staged arrest:

This is very suspect.

In the first instance that the charges were read out then the officer who placed Charlie Veitch should have read him his rights and then ask that those rights are clearly understood at the exact time that you are placed under arrest but this didnt happen here so i am not entirely clear what is going on here regarding that as presumably while this was a pre-crime charge your rights still apply and that an arrest has taken place as charges were read out.

Also 1.50 seconds in when the police ? enter the property one says "just to make you aware" as what appeared to be an introduction or confirmation was unintelligble and somewhat rushed and as far as i understand it police officers should introduce themselves by name as in PC Smith etc etc so you know who it was that you were arrested by as aversed to memorising a badge number.There are very strict arrest procedures that police have to abide by but neither of these suspect individuals picked up on any of it as if they should have objected but failed to do so.The officers in the video did not have the demeanour and look of police officers either but thats my own personal assessment of them and the arrest procedure based on my experience of UK police which you dont want to know about.

They are both very slight and look like a couple of Nerds.

AS for the inside of the house it all looks to be newly decorated and there is very little in the way of possessions,pictures,and just about anything else apart from the odd bit of cheap self assembly furniture and a few books and videos on a shelf.The house does not look or feel lived in so either they have just moved in or thats how they are or its all a set up which is what i am thinking.

The "Cursory search" in the bedroom was kind of ridiculous.They need to do a cursory search of one draw and under the bed when they dont even know what they are looking for.

"Nothing in this draw so lets check under the bed......nothing suspicious under the bed.......all clear under there......."

The useless whining girlfriend who apparently "studied law at Cambridge actually" should have picked up on this immediately but she did not.Listen to the nonsense that she comes out with towards the police and also its highly irregular that the police would allow the arrest to be a normal arrest situation then she would not have been able to babble on like that or more likely the police would be less tolerant.

"what would have happened if we had not opened the door ?"

You should know this you stupid snivelling bint if you had studied law and if you are an "activist" then you should know the score instead of asking dumb naive questions.

She should have acted on this but she didnt.

"We specialise in giving the police hugs"

"We engage in free speech which is why he uses a megaphone instead of weapons like what you guys carry"

She should be arrested for talking drivel.She doesnt articulate herself in a way that you would expect someone who is educated and discussing very serious subject matter in such trite terms.If you are both highly pubnlicised and promoted "political activists" so they have to expect this sort of thing and if you cant take it then do something else but dont whine about it.

The police are numbered so those numbers need to be verified to see if they are genuine.

There are grounds for suspicion in this video concerning a domestic intelligence agency amongst others.

The purpose of all this is to make the the activist/s[agents] look genuine and threatening to give them some credibility as cover to keep up appearences.

There is such an enormous amount of venom and vitriol directed towards Charlie Veitch as well as unproven allegations of peadophillia towards him on Youtube that i actually feel quite sorry for him.Personally i think the line should be drawn at calling him out as a sellout fraud etc etc is ok but an unproven allegation of Paedophillia is going too far for my tastes.I dont follow CV and dont have much interest in him but CV has caught my interest lately as its a disaster.The fact is though is if you decide to sell yourself as a personality then it can backfire on you.

I left a comment next to a CV video that was very highly rated and some others also but today all the commenting has been disabled next to CV videos.I think i had something to do with this but in any case it was enjoyable while it lasted.I nailed him completely and he couldnt take it but there were many many others doing the same thing.

CV strikes me as one of these narcissistic manipulative types who is an attention whore.

CV doesnt work but instead survives on what gullible people and kids donate to his channel so he can continue to make his stupid videos so obviously he has nothing bettewr to do than sit there disabling the commenting next to videos as well as censoring the comments including mine so then he throws a hissy fit and disables all commenting which just makes him look even more of an arse than he does already.He just cannot get anything right these days so if he had any sense he would just pack it all in and do something else instead.

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