Thursday, 25 August 2011

Globalist CFR President Richard Haas confirms that my thoughts on Libya were correct:


That is as straight from the horses mouth as it will ever get.

Also Tony Cartalucci is an outstanding commentator which is of course a recommendation.

Above is a photo of Gibril Elqarfally who is the head of the LibyaNWO NationaNWO TransitioNWO Council.If its alright i would rather have Gadaffi than this dead eyed ugly Globalist shill scumbag any day.What a creep.In any case its now perfectly clear that the vision of the new Libya is not one that has been envisioned by Libyans themselves hence the presence of Globalists like Gibbering Gerbil Elqawfully as the so called revolution comes with a predetermined political outlook and outcome thanks to the likes of the CFR.Housetrain the Libyans into being service sector servants which again is proof that Libya is intended to be sabotaged as it has already been demonstrated here in the West that service sector economies by themselves are designed to fail as strong economies have a healthy manufacturing base as amply demonstrated by China and previously the US and the UK at one point in time so its clear that Libya will be steered deliberately in the wrong direction by the NWO from what was previously a very strong economy that was debt free into a country that is indebted to foreign banks via the IMF.

What about the 144 tons of gold ?

What about it indeed but you wont be hearing very much about the gold as it will be stolen if it hasnt been hidden by Gadaffi and its all well and good thinking that it should be returned to the people of Libya as its theirs but that isnt going to be how it happens as if its recovered by NATO forces then it will be misappropriated and it will be used to increase the gold liquidity of the previously mentioned foreign banks and their subsideries as there is a shortage of physical gold and the foreign offshore bankers are finding this to be a problem as they have massively exaggerated their paper gold bonds[gilts] so that the gilts cannot be exchanged for physical gold and in any case war and occupations mean looting so its nothing new.

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