Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Those blasted Jerries are taking over Europe AGAIN !!

If you read this then your future job hunting prospects will be irrepairably harmed as will your character.

Its like WW2 never ended or that we lost the war as those bloody Germans are goose-stepping their way across Europe and are conquering it !!The outrage of it all !!


This is what Simon Heffer has to say about it all in his stinging and savage attack on Germany sitting at the head of the table in the EU courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Above is a photo of Simon Heffer so that you can have the face of stupidity to go with the article.If you find the photo unpleasent then its not my fault as i didnt choose the face but with a face like that i doubt that anyone would choose it.

Link to the article which although i do realise that its a hardship of sorts that because i cannot embed links you will have to summon up the enthusiasm to and make the effort to drag the link into your address bar at the top of your web browser.

The article by Simon Heffer is either written as either propaganda or its written out of ignorance of the who what and whys and therefores of the EU and who runs it and on whos behalf and in whose interests.Simon Heffer would like to have you believe that its all about Germany and it comes across as a cheap bit of reactionary political commentary that is meant to rouse anti-EU sentiment and have it directed towards Germany courtesy of the the typical Daily Mail reader amongst many others.Its the kind of article that doesnt educate beyond telling you what is going and all the assesments courtesy of Heffer are purely observation face value assessments but the article attempts to misinform the reader that it is Germany conquering Europe when in fact it is the EU that is conquering Europe and the fact that Germany heads the EU economically is because it is the only EU member that is in any way economically viable simply because it is still a major manufacturer amongst other factors.

A lot of people are so dumb that if the media told them that the Teletubbies are going to take over Europe economically they would believe it.

There is an udder way of looking at things rather than Heffers attempts to direct anti EU sentiment towards Germany and to generate anti - German sentiment so that the less informed miss the point.

So the EU rather than collapse economically right now have chosen to delay the inevitable by using Germany as a means to bail out other failed EU member states which is to a greater or lesser degree ALL of them so Germany will conquer Europe if it doesnt mind being bankrupted as a result by the EU not to mention that they are already in debt like everyone else.I wonder what the Germans themselves think about this arrangement ??

If all those other nations default on German loans that coincidentally are issued by the privately owned central bank of Germany which the Germans pay for through taxes ?

The countries that will theoretically bailed out by Deutsche bonds will eventually default as its inevitable so it seems plausable that when defaults happen the private central bankers will use DeutscheBundesbank as a vehicle to asset strip those that they have issued loans to since Deutsche Bundesbank is the de facto EU central bank.

Its all very high risk but its also a pretext to consolidate power and unify and integrate EU fiscal policy but its a proposal that some say other EU member states wont buy into but they dont factor in the fact that each EU member state have already signed over control to foreign central banks via the EU which is a holding company of the owners of private central banks so opting out is not an option in the long term but these stages of centralisation and consolidation are always established by increments through the problem-reaction-solution method using carefully thought out and timed problems and crisis.

Im doubt very much that anyone in the EU has asked Germans and they are not interested in what they think.The media would have you believe that the Germans love Merkel like Heffer claims in the article so either the Germans are very stupid or that Merkel is another one of these sellout Globalist NWO whores that are the head of every G20 country [that are seemingly very difficult to get rid of] who were all signed over to the control of foreign banks like Ireland was for example.Everything was fine until these countries were hijacked and signed over to central banks who courtesy of their elected non-representatives were signed over onto Derivates which is the way to ruination [ i typed Ruinednation by mistake but if i hadnt corrected it would still be perfectly applicable].

Commentators like Heffer want you to think that its all about Germany when its all about private central bankers like Rothschilds etc.Germany is placed at the head of the table by the same bankers/financiers that created Hitler and bankrolled the Nazi Party.You get Napoleon as well in the form of Sarkozy who was another failed empire builder.

What is very very noticable with the EU is that they offer NO solutions to the debt/GDP problem by making it possible for other EU member states to become economically viable by creating the conditions to establish a manufacturing base to create exports to create revenue and by default imports which spreads cash around which is how things used to be back in the good old days.The only solution offered the the EU is for failed[sabotaged from within by design] EU member states is for them to borrow cash to get out of debt.

Am i missing some kind of mental faculty that makes it possible to see the borrow to get out of debt scenario as viable rather than utterly stupid and futile ?

Dont worry though as the private central bankers austerity measures are there to make sure that you go without while your taxe$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ are sucked out of your respective nations and will go back to the private central bankers who you pay with your taxes to print Fiat currency.You pay them to rip you off.

People bought into the EU as people will quite happily buy into Collectivism which in this instance is a front for corporate fascism as proles always buy into collectivism as it appeals to their unfortunate mindset.Its incredible how hardly anyone in the alternative media ever talks about Communitarianism while they struggle to identify the present political set up as similar to Fascism and Collectivism.this is why the EU in its structure and outlook has similarites to the political structure of the USSR and of the political aims of the Nazi Party which was European integration of commerce banking and politics.Both of those political ideologies were strongly for centralisation of power so centralisation is not something that is purely Left wing/Communist in nature and since both ideologies were spawned on behalf of the owners of private central banks like Rothschilds then this is no coincidence but in a sense they were both trial runs/experiments in the same way that Maoism which was also sponsored by Rothschilds/Rockefellers etc as another socio-political experiment.

Simon Heffer is 50 percent correct so i have completed the other 50 percent to complete it as i dont want anti-EU sentiment to be directed towards Germany as its doing a disservice to Germans to an extent.

You can easily imagine a typical Daily Mail reader who is against the EU reading the article and then cursing the Germans.

If i hadnt concluded the article then it would have been more convoluted than it already is as there is lots that has been left out but this article like all of the rest is typed in one take with no particular structure worked out in advance.No editing other than correcting typos.I love writing as i just listen to music while typing and it almost writes itself.

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