Thursday, 4 August 2011

Death penalty debate :

This is indicative of the decline and destruction and degradation of the UK and its political system along with the mindset of a large percentage of its population.This is yet another of these reactionary media driven issues that are fixated upon via e-petitions like petitioning for prisoners to survive only on bread and water.

Since the UK seems is in an irreversible decline into Neo-Collectivist/Fascist-Neo -Feudalism then it does seem appropriate to reintroduce the death penalty to satisfy the lowest common demoninator sector of the UK public.No third rate criminal and corruption ridden country is complete without a death penalty.

The power of life and death enacted through the legislature.Manufacture/generate a consensus that is meant to make the proposal palatable through the E-petition trial balloon/test the water method to create the pretext to introduce it.

Another reason to object strongly to this idea is the fact that the justice system is perverse and cannot be trusted or relied upon.

Another thing is that Tory Cunt Lord Young claiming that the present govt has a duty to listen to the electorate which only applies if its a means to them getting what they want as 99 percent of the time they choose not to listen to the electorate.

I have more to say about this but right now i am disgusted and i cannot think what else to say about it all.

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