Friday, 5 August 2011

Fruit pastilles:

I am not buying anymore of these fucking things.I bought 1 tube of these today as an impulse buy while waiting to pay at a petrol station.At the point i was paying i was curious wether or not there would be too many of the green type in the packet like last time i bought them which was the reason i stopped buying them as it happened over and over and over again as i just hate green fruit pastilles as they look and taste vile.Of course needless to say i was not disappointed although i was disappointed at the same time as in one small tube there was 5 of the green which is disproportionate to how many there are in a packet.I counted 1 red and two blacks with the rest being orange and lemon.

Not fucking good enough and if this happens once or twice then it is acceptable but when it keeps happening then there is a serious problem that i am not happy with.I was talking to a couple of friends that were round earlier and one said "If you send them back with the wrapper then they might send you 20 free packets".

If i did do that and they gave me 20 free packets then they had better make sure there are either no greens or a proportionate amount or else i am going to be back onto them again.

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