Saturday, 23 July 2011

Political regime death toll:

China – 73,237,000[possibly as high as 85 million]
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – 58,627,000
Russian Federated Socialist Republic – 3,163,000
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – 3,163,000
Cambodia – 2,627,000
Democratic Republic of Afghanistan – 1.175,000
Vietnam – 1.670,000
People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopea – 1,343,610
Socialist Federal Republic of yugoslavia – 1,072,000
Chinese Soviet Republic – 700,000
People’s Republic of Mozambique – 700,000
Socialist Republic of Romania – 435,000
People’s republic of Bulgaria – 435,000
People’s Republic of Angola – 125,000
Mongolian People’s Republic – 100,000
People’s Socialist Republic of Albania – 100,000
Republic of Cuba – 73,000
German Democratic Republic – 70,000
Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia – 65,000
Lao People’s Republic – 56,000
Hungarian Peopl’s Republic – 27,000
People’s Republic of Poland – 22,000
People’s Republic or Yemen – 1,000

Top of the list is China.

This proves that the West/the UN etc etc have no problem at all in supporting and praising and celebrating t h e most vile and inhuman and abhorrent mass murdering political regime on the planet while at the same time condemning other regimes for vilolating human rights.The fact that the UN support China is not in the least bit surprising and they were involved in the well publicised 60 years of Maoism celebrations and by well publicised i mean Times Sq in New York which was devoted to it.

Further to that the China death toll will be even higher than that when you consider that that is a known figure but take into consideration Chinas one child policy where female babies are thrown out in the trash or buried in holes or used to make soup.There wont be any official figures for that since the female babies dont officially exist and then add to that all the babies that are physically defective in whatever way.Very very conservatively you could double the 85 million figure which is still low considering the size of the population.There are a lot of other causes of death in China that i havent even gone into.I would be very surprised if China publish accurate figures regarding how many die each year due to its political regime.

Another interesting aspect of that list is that with the exception of the Yemen and Mozambique they are all Collectivist regimes so the list proves that Collectivist/Socialist/Communist regimes have the worst record of mass murder in modern history.

Its just as distasteful as seeing ignorant morons wearing Che Guevera T shirts.

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