Saturday, 4 April 2009

Welcome to the new Neo-Feudalist - Auto-Kleptocratic era :

Enjoy yourselves.

I think that there has been a transition from a Plutocracy/Oligarchy into a Kleptocracy.You still have all of the benefits of a Plutocracy plus all the added benefits of a Kleptocracy.

There arent actually any real benefits of living under a Kleptocracy except that you realise that there is no such thing as politics for the people anymore and that voting is pointless and an irrelevence.

The Kleptocracy is of course backed up by a militarised police force.

This is why there is a shift in politics towards Collectivism or Communitarianism [reformed/remodelled] Communism/Socialism/Marxism.

The Chinese style of Govt is the preferred model of future governance apparently.

Globalism is in fact a form of collectivism.Its being sold as something nice and fluffy what with Global villages etc.The planet gets smaller but govt gets bigger.

We now have global Economic governance since the other day.

Global problems require global solutions dont they ?

Sanctions against those that dont comply.

The masses/proletariat get the governance that they rightly deserve and the rest of us have to suffer.

Thats Democracy.

Anyway it will only result in an epic fail but it wont get any better as the majority of people are too stupid to realise what is happening or simply dont care anymore.

What stands between this nightmare and a brighter future ?

The Useful Idiots in the Police and Military.

Even if that happens and they switch sides then if you get into revolutionary territory then that can result in a worse nightmare given the historical record of these things and the nature of people as there will be a power vacaum waiting to be filled by something potentially very unpleasent.

You may find yourself thinking in 5 to 10 yrs time or whenever that we never had it so good in the years preceding this point in time.

See you then.

To anyone that think its going to get any better heres a song for you :

"Somewhere over the rainbow , skies are di da di da............."

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