Friday, 3 April 2009

G20 protests:


"4,000 PROTESTORS !! "

Shocking picture taken earlier today is above.

"Police struggle to maintain order as an ugly mob of "activists" demonstrating against the Police surged forward.Objects were thrown and at one point a chair was thrown through a window.Chants of "Fuck The Police" were heard even from nearby streets.Intimidated ,scared and bewildered bankers were told to stay in the RBS building as the Rent - A - BlackBloc - Anarchists were going to smash some windows.

[No real comment from the slanted media about the issues that are what the protests are supposed to be about.Just plenty of comment and articles about the violence as usual]

Spin - spin - spin - spin ..........

Oh look !! Its George Monbiot who has travelled all the way from wales to attend the event and then writes a childish article in the Guardian about how the police were excessively "Heavy handed" in response to some of the dickheads that were protesting.

George says that it is the police justifying their existance but its the police doing what they are told to do by govt.

All this makes protesting utterly unpleasent and demeaning to anyone unfortunate enough to attend and it is also why so few actually attend demonstrations anymore in general apart from Dickheads.All part of the plan of course as an easier alternative to outlawing protest full stop which is very nearly the case anyway as you have to ask first.Its funny how the anarchists were allowed to gather and assemble freely but others werent.

It would be a very worthwhile and productive exercise to infiltrate and gather intelligence on members of these organisations and find out their connections with police and intelligence etc because i am almost certain that there is a connection.The Anarchists are what you might call Useful idiots and are not what they appear to be plus all the rest of the agent provocateurs that are there in the crowds.At least a percentage anyway.

You often see them pushed to the ground by Police and bundled into a police van and driven back to the police station for a debriefing and offloading of the information they have gathered.

This is how a police state works as lot of the work is done undercover and in plain clothes.Its easy to recruit informers as some people will do anything for a pound note .

Police /Surveillance State New Labour style.

I had little or no interest in the protests as it would be like watching a film that i have watched many times before where the ending is a foregone conclusion because i already know what happens and like watching a film repeatedly it just gets more and more predictable and boring.

It was pathetic and the actual event was as far as i am concerned just like ticking off boxes or reading a recipe book :

You will need for this recipe :

1:A very small amount of the general populace who could be bothered to attend and legitimately protest in a peaceful manner about their own or collective concerns.

2:Various Dross and Trash who can be fairly accurately described as follows :

Dickhead Type 1 : Predominantly white , aged 18 to mid thirties .Dreadlocks , and the usual Urban Crusty look.This look is compulsary.

Dickhead Type 2 : BlackBloc Rent-An-Anarchist :Again predominantly white , dirty dreadlocks or shaved head - either will do,Urban Terrorist look - black is the order of the day here , red scarfs , black balaclava and hat or mask of some kind or other.

Dickhead Type 3 : Newspaper Journo-hack plus wannabe Journo-Hacks.Get as many of these as you possibly can.You cant have enough of them as this protest is nothing more than a media generated/staged spectacle.

"Quick all you Journos !! Get yourselves round to the RBS building quickly !! We have a pre-planned staged spectacle starting in 5 minutes !! A Rent-An-anarchist is going to break through the police lines and smash some windows of the RBS and destroy their property in a symbolic statement that reflects the feelings of the public and how they feel after being fucked over by the bankers and Gordon Brown !!!

Its going to be brilliant !! Get as many shots as you can !! Good luck !!..."

Dickhead Type 4 : Enviromentalist EcoTard : Very similar to look at as Dickhead Type 1 but female as well as male.You will need a roughly equal amount of each.They will usually sit cross legged on the floor and have conversations amongst themselves about anything or more often than not nothing or about "the enviroment".

"The Govt wont do anything about the enviroment ? which is like you know really stupid ?? because its just going to get hotter and hotter ?? with like you know like runaway Global climate warming change and it will be like you know Venus !! but the govt wont do anything about it ?? which is like mad really because its our planet too right ?? so i am going to sit here and smoke spliff and set up camp to show that we like really care about the enviroment...then we go back to Brighton on the Magic hippy Lentil Tofu Bus which runs on like recycled piss that has been through 3 different people man but like i have to get back to Brighton to like sign on ...."

Dickhead Type 4 :Drunken Idiot.Enough said.

Dickhead Types 1,2,4,and 5 are usually but not exclusively unemployed and unemployable to some extent or students.



And that type of thing.Talk about biting the hand [the welfare state] that feeds them.

Anyway they are alll so silly and childish i am hardly interested as its like beating up little children.

Anyway.The recipe is not complete without a large quantity of Metropolitan Police.

They are not so bad in some ways compared to the US or other countries that are far worse.Police say "Please" here which is awfully polite and civilised.How very English.Sometimes they misbehave but its no bother to them as it is what they are paid for but they are outnumbered and rely on a public that is mostly compliant.

What now then ?

What happens next ?

I know !! Containment !!

Herd large amounts of the public into a confined space for at least 3 hours.

This happens every single time.

"I want to leave !! I am a journalist !!....I want to leave NOW !!"

Plod: "You cant leave.Get back in there and start protesting.You came here yourself.Now you cant leave ....."

Plod 1: "Definate potential for violence here isnit ?"

Plod 2:"Yeah dirty fucking hippies....they deserve a kicking...."

Plod 1:"Ere did you hear that ? They are calling us Filth and Pigs and Cunts !!...fucking dirty bastards....i am going to crack that geezers skull open in a minute if e says that again..."

Plod 2 :"Ere old on a minute ,the agent provocateurs will be ere in a minute and then they will start chucking things but dont charge at em till you get the order right ?"

What you need next is a lake of Piss in one corner that starts flowing downstream as the herded protestors start to get agitated etc.

Anyway its boring.

Wheres Tony Benn ?

I dont see any point in it all.Why make demands on those Cockroaches and expect them to change anything or do what you say ?

It wont ever happen as they dont even listen.

I say get rid of them all permanently and remove them all from office.Dont just demand them to make changes as they are on a roll and their agenda is gathering momentum rather too quickly and sadly there isnt a happy ending to this which isnt messy .

Its like a return to feudalism or Neo-Feudalism as others call it.

This is the state of this country and the world we live in and its getting worse.

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