Monday, 20 April 2009

Question :

What do you do with a couple of belligerent ,overweight, rude bits of rubbish who are in a car and choose to drive at you despite having ample space to drive by when you are crossing the road with a friend pushing a bike ?

Answer : quietly verbally assault them when they stop and wind the window down and the overweight rubbish woman starts telling me "This is a road you know !! " plus other abuse in that whiney kind of common voice.

"Well i will tell you something you ugly overweight piece of rubbish...."

"I think it might be a very good idea if you were to piss off right now..."

I have to question the mentality of someone who chooses to drive a car at someone when they are crossing a street.Not only did they drive the car at me but they had to steer the car right into my direction to do so.

Rude idiots that deserve everything they get.

Get the rubbish out of my sight.

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