Monday, 20 April 2009

Everyone should get paid the same :

I had another conversation with the same idiot who advocates everyone being paid the same because "Its fair".

The fact this individual is incapable of working and hasnt worked for over 20 yrs and lives off the welfare state is beside the point i suppose.

Theres nothing quite like the childish politics of envy is there ?

Everyone gets paid the same regardless of what they do so where is the incentive to work harder ?

Where does the rest of your pay or earnings go to if you are in business for example ?

Why should someone who is highly qualified and has worked or studied hard be paid the same as someone who hasnt ?

Why should someone who is highly skilled be paid the same for their work as someone else who does work that you could train a monkey to do ?

Why should everyone be paid the same just to make life seem fair to childish ,lazy,irresponsible envious layabouts ?

What about taxation ?

It sounds like this naive childish Hippie idiot is advocating Communism to me where the state gets everything.

Egalitarianism is fine if it means equal rights etc but not economic egalitarianism because thats Communism or Marxism which is what this idiot was preaching which ultimately coercion on the part of the state upon the individual whose property is going to be stolen off them.

Or alternativly this may involve totally restructuring the economy and trade somehow so that everyone gets paid 100 quid a week and there is no surplus cash or its all equally redistributed among the people.

Who pays for everything if everyone gets paid the same ?

How would wealth or jobs be created ?

How do you incentivise everyone ?

So many unanswered questions .So many questions that this idiot couldnt answer because he doesnt know what the fuck he is talking about.

"Because its fair and equal..."

Because you are a Moron and a Loser more like.

Stupid failed 50 yr old Hippie Student with his stupid student politics.

"I am a Communist". Well go and fuck off and live in China or North Korea then.

Do something useful.Go to bed.

You dont work anyway.

"I have worked harder than you"

No you havent.Stop talking rubbish.

"Oh i suppose you think going to University isnt work ?"

Its not the same thing.Plus you are not earning money and your University course is paid for by taxpayers.

Equality ?

Myself being equal to this idiot ?

Forget it.

It would be a good idea to build a giant playpen for these people and dump them in it.

Someone else who is paying 40% tax or anyone who is paying tax is paying to take care of these people so what is this idiot complaining about ?

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