Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Liberal/Democrat doublestandards and hypocrisy :

Yes i can.

Typical example:

Liberal : "Thats really great !!! and really funny !!! Looks just like Hitler...i mean Bush !!!

Sanctimonious Liberal : "Thats offensive !!! Do you realise how offensive that is ?? You cant say that about the POTUS !!!....blah blah blah.....its offensive and racist !!!..it should be banned !!![toys being thrown out of the pram].....

Liberal : "We all stand for free speech as long as we agree with what you are saying !!"

Heres where their argument collapses.No one ever stopped Liberals or anyone else from expressing their views about GW Bush , Neocons , War in iraq etc etc etc when they were opposing the Bush regime and protesting.

Yet the Liberals will not tolerate any criticism about Obama to the extent that they have named and labelled anyone who is right wing or basically anyone who doesnt support the trash i mean the Obama Administration and anyone who protests about the recent bailouts as one such example or anyone who is patriotic to the US constitution or anyone who opposes abortion or anyone who defends the second ammendment as an "Extremist" in the latest Department Of Homeland Security report.

It all seems very familiar doesnt it ?

As if we have been here before.

I thought i heard Liberals saying that the DHS was Fascist and was introduced by "Fascist" GW BUSH after 9/11 as well as all of the anti terror legislation which was "Fascist" as well but i dont hear Liberals making much noise about the DHS anymore particularly when it can be used to their advantage to smear and criminalise anyone who doesnt subscribe to their politics.

Hypocrisy is the refuge of the weak.

No Fairness Doctrine here.

Notice the use of the word Doctrine.

Doctrine is learned Dogma/Newspeak and instruction that is verbally regurgitated by repetition and is used to control others.Usually some form of coercion is involved.

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