Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mis-informed :

Apparently i am "Ill-informed" in my views and comments regarding the EU.

"ill - informed" !!!!

Ill informed about what exactly ??

I may have misconstrued the comment but i feel like a rant anyway.

Here we go then Shit for brains :

Ill informed about the Lisbon Treaty that has been foisted onto the people of the UK by treacherous fifth columnists within the New Labour party who are nearly at the end of their 12 year wrecking spree of the UK ?

The very garbage who have lied and cheated and who are currently led by that filthy overweight slack jawed mentally unstable sorry excuse for an unelected PM and the rest of his filthy Communist Party member friends ??

The same cunts who claim to be a member of the political party that claims to have the interests of the little person while at the same time being responsible for the worst economic downturn since WW2 ?

The same party that has imposed the largest ever multigenerational tax burden on the UK since WW2 ?

And thats going by the false and inaccurate figures that are provided by their own dept that are slowly but surely being proved wrong.

The same party that tells you to go out and spend when the cost of essential services like utilities keep going up and up ?

Spend Fucking what exactly ?

Tell that to someone in the UK who has lost their job

At least then there was a fucking war that was to blame but not this time there isnt unless you include war in Iraq which was also foisted onto the people of this country against there wishes because there was an imminent threat to the security of the UK because there were some non existant warheads that were aimed at the UK that werent hidden in the dessert in Iraq ??

The same party that never listens to the voices of the electorate and is in complete denial of all the things that i have listed here ?

The same party that has passed or paperclipped over 3000 bits of legislation that attack the civil liberties and privacy of every single person in this country all in the name of fighting "terrorism" or protecting national security ?

The same party that is obsessed with hording DNA collected from Babies,children,those arrested and released without conviction etcetc the list goes on and on ?

The same party that is obsessed with spending and wasting a currently unspecified amounts of public money on databases and ID card schemes which no one wants ?

The same party that has a home secretary by the name of Jacqui Smif who is obsessed with the above and just will not let it go no matter what ?

The same Jacqui Smif whose husband hires Porn films and jerks off to them while she is busy a work fucking up the counry and who then has the fucking cheek to charge the cost of hiring them to the taxpayer as well as all the other crap she has filled her house up with also at the taxpayers expense and then pleads ignorance [she got tha right] and then jus says "I have given the money back now !"when if she hadnt been caught out she would no have returned i ?

[I dropped most of the Ts in that sentence just to add a convincing Jaki Smif style Glottal stop]

The same party that has a lying ,treasonous ,self serving predatory gay man who says how much he would like to appear on Strictly come Dancing in a cynical attempt to gain popularity while selling out the business interests of the UK ?

The same party that sanctions the disgraceful behaviour of jackbooted thugs to stop protestors protesting and instead orchestrates cynical fake protests outside the RBS building ?

The same party whose Chancellor of the Exchequer famously said "There will be no more return to boom and bust economics" while either being incredibly stupid and irresponsible or knowing full well it was one massive lie ?

The same party that now presents itself as the solution to the problem ?

The same party who now plans to spend massive amounts of public money - 12 to 14 billion at the last count - on a massive database that will collect and store every single bit of electronic communication which even includes web searches which will inevitably cost even more than that and will also go wrong like every other one of their silly ill conceived vanity projects and all because of "Terrorism" and "National security" ?

The same party that is so obsessed with control that visiting foreign nationals from Russia and China comment on how the surveillance culture in the UK is "excessive" ?

The same party that is forcing you to explain why you want to travel outside of the UK and provide credit card details to be stored on yet another database ?

The same party that constantly loses private and sensitive information and leaves it lying about on trains etc and then blames it entirely on the private contractor or individual civil servant who lost it and then expects everyone to trust them with even more personal info that they are in the processes of forcing you by various means of coercion to part with against your own interests ?

The same party that says you dont have to have an ID card and then says that you either wont get a passport or it wont be renewed or enters your name on to a No - Fly list if you refuse ?

The same party that after 11 years of falsely generated economic boom has NO money to show for it ?

Where the Fuck did all the money go to ??

Misuse or misappropriation of public funds including gold Reserves =FRAUD.Plain and simple.

The same party that sold off all of UKs gold reserve for well below its market value ?

This is apart from the money that was thrown away by giving it to the EU year after year ?

A conservative guess based on known figures = 240 billion.

Broken down it equates to 20 billion per year for 12 yrs.

240 billion that has been paid into a financial black hole never to be seen again ?

The same party that is preparing everyone in the UK to be a part of federal Europe ?

The same party that has subjegated the people of the UK to a Federal Totalitarian Marxist superstate ?

The same party that is affiliated to the Marxist Federal Totalitarian superstate that once it has finished bribing ,ridiculing ,cajoling and bullying every country that hasnt ratified its garbage treaty into passing it and then imposing an unelected,permanent dictator in the form of Tony Blair onto everyone which will finally destroy any right that the UK or any other country in the EU has to govern itself ?

The same party whose last irritating POS PM commited crimes and then baled out and took the money and ran leaving Incapability Brown to fuck up the country even more wothout even being elected who is so fucking mentally ill and deluded to think that he has any fucking chance of winning another election ??

The same party who filled up the House Of Lords with whichever bit of trash paid them the most money for the privelage ?

The same party whose solution for fighting a downturn is for everyone to buy and drive electric noddycars or pokemobiles that are most probably built abroad as its oh so racist to be a "protectionist" in their owned fucked up little fantasy world ?

The same party who trot out the same old tired cliched smears against anyone who doesnt support any of the different points in this post as a "Racist" or a "Nationalist" or an "Extremist" ?

Dont all rush forwards to deny any of these points or answer any of the questions all you Leftists out there.

They will ignore it instead which is what they usually do when they dont have an argument.

No room for apologists either.

Beginning to get the picture yet all you stupid uninformed Leftist fucking dickheads ??

The PM - Incapability Brown is a shallow fake Buffoon and a genius at incompetence [deliberate ,or mentally unstable or delusional or whatever] and prolonging the disaster and making himself a laughing stock except it isnt funny because everyone is suffering.

He can shove his restructuring of the world and his NWO up his arse where it belongs because we will be waiting .When i say We i am talking millions .Into the hundreds.

This figure gives you an indication of what i am talking about among the ranks of the "Misinformed" etc.

You have been warned.

We will be waiting to receive it and kick it back out again.

The only good Communist is a dead one.

Time to stop for now but theres plenty more where that came from.

Lastly though i wonder how many of the informed or anyone else have actually read and understood any of the 900 odd pages of the Lisbon Treaty ?

5 percent ?

2.5 percent ?

1 percent ?

0.5 percent ?

I have only read 10 percent of it but i only read the important bits that matter.

How many politicians in the house of commons actually bothered to read any if it before they were forced to vote Yes by a 3 line whip ?

Being forced or coerced by three line whips is what Newspeak "Democratic discussion blah de blah really means.

You have to reverse Orwellian Marxist Newspeak.

Get these Cunts out of office and i will stop ranting but not until.

I didnt sanction them because i didnt vote for them.


  1. I'll take a wild guess - you're single, aren't you, peter? Get yourself a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend.

    Trust me. You need something.

  2. I dont keep pets at the moment so a girlfriend is out of the question plus the last girlfriend is buried at the end of the garden plus i am trying to keep life as simple and as cheap as possible.

    They always cling too much and ask too many questions.

    I dont know what i need but i need it now.