Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Bailouts = Cover up :

Its that simple really.

Why else would banks not be allowed to go to the wall or be taken over by others ?

Its because of the fraud and criminality that was/is going on within the banks on an absolutely monumental scale.

With the full knowledge of those in govt of course who opened the floodgates by deregulating/liberalisation call it what you like along with a hundred other reasons that are spinoffs of deregulation like the repealing of the Glass-Steagall act.

History repeats itself because people are stupid selfish Morons.

They are all implicit.Bankers and governments alike but the buck stops with govt of course just like it always does.Well actually they are just doing what they are told by higher ups and i know who they are.

Lets not let the banks fail therefore resulting in an investigation therefore leading to exposure of their fraud.

Lets not fire the CEOs and directors etc etc etc and get new people in who may be inclined to expose the fraud upon investigation.

Lets not troubleshoot the banks and their existing CEOs for the above reasons.

Lets not stop fractional reserve lending or any of the other dubious ; immoral, and criminal banking practices.

Lets do everything we can to correct the banking crisis by doing fuck all about it.

Lets throw your money at the banks and then act like we are doing you a big favour and somehow helping your life and financial security.

Lets get banks lending again.

Lets get banks lending again by giving them free money without conditions and without knowing where the money they have been given has gone.

Lets give money to Paulson and Bernanke and then ask to see proof of where the money has gone only to be told No or "go away and come back later because we havent had time to do any creative accountancy yet ".The Govt upstart gets told to go back to work behind his desk and not upset the apple cart and all the while the Govt tells us that if we follow the yellow brick road we will find the Wizard of Oz or that there really is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow or wake up in the morning and find that the Globalist-Elitist generated financial Ponzi scam and the mass asset stripping and seizing was nothing more than a bad nightmare.

Cover up.

Lets keep things as they are therefore not exposing the fraud and just stick a sign up saying "Business as usual".That will do nicely.

The Govt is implicitly involved in this fraud and criminality.By this i mean not only being aware of the problem and doing nothing about it which is in itself criminal and highly irresponsible but much worse than that they aided and abetted the Wall St/Bank Of England criminal Bankster Mafioso or they are effectivly owned by the Banksters as was evidenced when the initial bailouts in the US were forced through congress by Paulson /Bernanke under duress or coercion I.E : The threat of martial law if they didnt go through .This is well documented and is as clear as day and is undeniable fact.

Congress was bribed with payoffs anyway.

No one really knows where *our* money went that was stolen off *us* when the the Govt stole it off us to plug a black hole of financial criminality that was just too big to be exposed because Govt will not or are too scared to admit that the banks are insolvent and dont want to expose the criminality and dont know and dont want to find out where the money went.

Change ? You must be having a fucking laugh .

The Obama administration is pure Wall St.

Money First - People and everything else - Last.

Banking and politics and money should be kept wholly seperate if there is going to be any way of sorting out this mess.

Asking/expecting Politicians to do this is about as productive as a Govt Enquiry [Whitewash] or lodging a complaint with the IPCC [independent police complaints commission or whatever] or even expecting the IPCC [International Panel on climate change] to do anything about climate change.

Waste of bloody time .

Dont expect the cause of the problem to be the solution.

Dont look for logic where there isnt any.

Lock up Bernard Madoff but let the rest go free.I am not defending Bernard Madoff but he is the victim of an injustice in that he is the only criminal who has been jailed.

Kind of makes you wonder just how much paper shredding has been going within govt and the banking sector.

Paper shredding had already increased by 600% under the Bush adminstration and i cant imagine it has suddenly stopped.

How can anyone look at Timothy Geithner and not see criminal written all over him in bold letters ??

Despite what you may be told by politicians bailing out failing institutions will not solve the financial crisis but will only prolong the downturn especially if the UK and the US who seem to doing the same as each other by going on a mass splurge of spending on "programs" that are pointless and wasteful especially when they allegedly dont have the money to spend in the first place.

It doesnt generate any wealth and just increases the debt payable by you.

Its just adding 2 extra forms of multi - generational tax on an already overstratched population.

But thats Ok really isnt it ?

How would you feel if i ran up a debt of 1,000,000,000 and went crying to the Govt and said "bail me out !!" and the debt was written off and transferred to you to pay while i walk away with 1,000,000,000 ?

Its the same thing.

Conspiracy theory ?

Dont think so.

The only conspiracy here is peoples inability to face facts and reality .

Keep drinking your Fluoridated water and Aspartame laced diet soft drinks and Kool - Ade and other brain retarding substances though and you will be just fine.

[You can always spot an Aspartame addict because you will see them at checkouts buying multiple packs of bottled Diet Coke etc.They are told sugar is bad for them and they just swallow it]

Ever get the feeling you have been conned ??

I dont because i wasnt conned because i dont believe the bullshit.

They could have printed that money out of thin air and given it to the bankers without sticking the bill onto the taxpayer.

Could they do something about Inflation because i am getting fucking sick of it.

Fucking halfwitted retards flooding the economy with their Mickey mouse Monopoly money that is worth less and less everyday.Its as if living through a downturn isnt enough they want to debase the currency as well so you get less for your money here and overseas.

It seems like the BOE and the FED not only have a licence to print free money but they also have a licence to create debt out of thin air.

I hope everyone feels good about voting this filth into office time amd time again.

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