Saturday, 4 April 2009

Modern Tossers :

"Gosh !! Modern Toss in a church !!"

"Thats outrageous ! It shouldnt be allowed !"

Has anyone ever seen or read this rubbish ?

Its puerile and childish.

Never was a product more appropriately named.

Ironic or otherwise because the authors are trying to make some kind of ironic statement but are they aware that their books or art really are Shit in a non ironic way or are they producing garbage deliberately knowing its shit ?

Personally i think they are trying to be clever but failing in an epic way.

Either way its shit.

Anyway it sells.I cant imagine who buys it though.

Well actually i can.

They originated in Brighton of course as they really do sum up Brighton.

I am just going to have do a satire/pisstake of them very soon.

"Modern Toss have a new comic out i hear !"

"So What ? They're Shit."

"Buy more modern Toss or we're Fucked .."

"Do you know what the time is ?"

"Fuck off "

"Hello .I am Mr Tourette .How the fuck are you ? "

"Stop fucking swearing"

"What are you fucking looking at ?"

"You fucking Twat"

"Whats the matter ?"

"I just trod in fucking dogshit"

"Whats on TV tonight ?"


I just made those up myself but you get the idea but i couldnt even be bothered to draw cartoons to go with them.

"Its just so Anarchic !!"

"I love it !!"

They obviously think that just using the words "fuck" and "cunt" etc is gratuitously offensive and outrageous but there is no real content to this material and it doesnt really say anything.

Whats more i dont know anyone who finds it funny.I might have found it funny if i was still a 14 yr old but not anymore.The sketches or cartoons are not even funny in themselves either.Its just amateur and it thrives in a culture of mediocrity which is what popular culture has become.People are stupid and buy and read and laugh at anything.

The creators are like little children who still think that swearing is naughty and outrageous .


"I find the use of profanity to be excessive ,gratuitous ,and wholly unnecessary and not funny in the slightest ."

"Its outrageous ! "

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