Sunday, 26 April 2009

EU map of the UK :

This is the new map of the UK courtesy of the previously mentioned Totalitarian Federal EU superstate.

Seen this before ?

It looks like something out of a childs colouring book that has been coloured in by a young child with whatever coloured felt tips that were available at the time or at least those coloured felt tips that hadnt had the tops left off them so that all the ink has dried out leaving a choice of blood red ,turquoise,green ,a sort of muddy orange and that funny kind of yellowy cream colour.

An unpleasent choice of colours which all clash.

Which bit are you in ?

I am in the green bit just next to the English Channel .

[Did you just see what i did then ?!?!]

Lets stick with calling it that for now because i dont know what its new name is but no doubt there is some new proposterously stupid name for it that has no bearing on its geographical location but who needs Geography when you have EU Leftwing Geographical political revisionism ??

Take note of the disparagy in the different sizes of the newly created ,colour coded and non autonomous "regions" .

How does this work out ?

The North Sea region:

"Lets join up the central and eastern half of the UK with a very large part of Sweden with a little bit of Norway,Denmark,a small bit of Germany,a little bit of Belgium ,a little bit of holland.

Makes sense doesnt it ?

Just look at the borders and notice how idiotic they are.Look at the Atlantic region and how it slices through the UK.

Look at the Ireland/Wales region which allows them the privalege of still calling themselves Ireland and Wales while northern Ireland or at least a large part of it if you exclude the small area at the top of it that is part of Ireland and Wales is still part of the UK which is really going to help with the problems in Northern Ireland.


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