Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Pre-emptive arrests in the UK as standard procedure :

Are you all paying attention children ?

The title of this post is correct at the time of typing.

You can argue about wether or not it may be or may not be appropriate in any instance but in principle it is unnacceptable in a pseudo democratic Kleptocracy.

Wait a minute !!!

It is approprtiate in a pseudo - democratic Kleptocracy !!!

What was i thinking ???

A Democracy ?

You might as well vote for Mickey Mouse.

Anyway they usually call round at night or in the early hours like they do in any oppressive police state.

Just so you know.

You wait though the New Liebour traitors will pay their respects later on this year at the Cenotaph on rememberance day to honour those who gave their lives to protect the UK from this kind of nonsense.

Since Liberals/marxists/socialists dont understand irony or hypocrisy then they wont realise what an insult that is to the fallen or the people of the UK and it will go straight over their heads.

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