Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Obama administration open to prosecuting the GW Bush :

This could be interesting but it remains to be seen what will come of this in the long term but its one way of removing a rival faction or crime family from the equation.

Why stop with Bush ? You cant just prosecute Bush without prosecuting the whole lot of them otherwise its just tokenism and doesnt really amount to very much but realisticly if Bush is prosecuted there is enough evidence that will prove that it wasnt actually GWBush making executive decisions and deciding to start illegal wars ,torturing plus all of the rest.

Who ever thought that GWBush planned anything or made decisions ?

Stop being so stupid.That what always made me laugh about idiots who said that GWBush planned 9/11 or was responsible for it when he wasnt.

The probability is that Bush wont be tried for violating the US Constitution or unlawful wiretapping or lying about WMDS in Iraq or anything else because how can you prosecute an ex POTUS for violating the US Constitution when the current administration is doing exactly the same and then some ?

How can the current administration prosecute for the Iraq war when the current adminstration has no intention of completely pulling out of Iraq ?

Doesnt make sense does it ?

So my guess is he could be prosecuted for the torture and human rights issues in Gitmo.

The Obama administration want to close down Gitmo as a symbolic gesture to their voting base and the rest of the world that says that Torture is a violation of human rights etc etc that will please anyone that is naive enough to think that torture and indefinate detainment without charge is suddenly going to end and not continue in other undisclosed locations.

Good bit of PR for Obama and his Muslim fan base as well.

I dont imagine for a second that the prosecution will have any teeth and i doubt very much that Dick Cheney etc will have to return any of the billions that they made out of Iraq to the US taxpayer for example but you never can tell.

My conclusion is that GWBush was always going to be set up as a fall guy to take the rap while the rest get away with it unless the current Leftist Obama administration since they are like kids in a sweet shop decide to go in for the kill and do prosecute the Neocons as a full scale assault on the Conservative voting base in the US to undermine them even more.

I wouldnt rule this out.

That would actually please an awful lot conservatives in the US because GWBush wasnt a Conservative anyway.He just got in on that ticket.

The Leftist Obama Useful Idiot fan base will wet themselves if this happens while at the same time they are doing exactly the same thing because i dont hear any of them campaigning to revoke the Patriot Act .

Fema / Rex 84 anyone ?

There are presently about 3,500 Fema Detainment camps within the US.Nothing to be concerned about of course.

Makes you wonder why not.

I know why.

They can and are using and abusing the Patriot Act to attack the conservative voting base in the US instead.

What a surprise.

Personally i never trust Leftists for the simple reason they cannot be trusted .

Political "dissidents" and "extremists" will be or are already on lists as in the previously mentioned DHS list and report as enemies of the state.

Still its to be expected really as the "Radicals" are in now for the next 4 years and they will do their thing and it will be a disaster.Its not like they could be mistaken for moderates as this bunch are corporatised , pro zionist poodles who are owned by big money.Corporatised Leftists.A contradiction in terms if ever there was one.

Look at them rushing to build an omnipotent big government like there is no time to lose.

Look at the evidence since their inception and see for yourself as it cannot be denied.

Enough said.

History also proves that these kind of takeovers of governments that are fronted fronted by charismatic "Leaders" tend to only have a finite lifespan but that is not always the case.

It depends on their popularity but popularity is not across the board for the Democrats in the US .

Far from it and most of the followers are Fuckwits anyway and part of a hive mind fanbase.

I would rather listen to KRS-ONE than a load of fucktard Hollywood celebs or entertainers and musicians like Moby and Micheal Stipe or Will.I.Am endorsing which is nothing more than a front for George Soros to accumulate funds and votes.

Micheal Stipe/REM [Worlds Most Boring Band tm] campaigned against Bush/Iraq etc but sadly are too stupid to see the bigger picture. are no longer relevant for that reason.

What they dont realise is that a huge amount of the US/UK/EU voting base that are intelligent enough to see through the rhetoric of career politicians/Poodles want the entire political system purged of the criminal filth that occupy the White House and No 10 Downing Street and the EU respectivly and a token prosecution of GWBush isnt going to be nearly enough to fill their appetites for change that actually means something .

All this amounts to is the Bush regime with a different face and clothes with opposing values.

Listen to Cynthia McKinney who speaks the truth .Watch the videos on Youtube.

Cynthia Mckinney is Black and is also a woman yet she is marginalised which must be because she is the wrong type of African American or Woman.There were plenty of AfricanAmerican candidates that were ruled out and marginalised because they too werent the right kind of African American but the majority if not all of of those were also actually born in the US unlike the present incumbent of the White House.

Dismiss the Democrats divisive "Racist" bullshit out of hand and talking of which i didnt see much bailout money doing anything to help the interests of African Americans.

The sellout Uncle Tom gave all the money to bankers instead.

Liberals will say that if you didnt vote Democrat then you were Racist or Sexist .I didnt vote democrat because i dont live in the US but i would have voted for Cynthia McKinney so their childishness doesnt stand up to any scrutiny.

The deception is beginning to be exposed to anyone who didnt notice it in the first place.

Rather like the UK.Personally i think New Liebour are far worse than the Thatcher ever was for the simple reason that Thatcher refused to submit the sovereignty of the UK to the EU which was proposed to her during a Bilderberg meeting.She lost her job as a result and in came a Poodle by the name of John Major and the rest is history.

She is lost to Alzeihmers now but i respect her for that even though i never voted for her.

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