Friday, 3 April 2009

G20 meeting was a success !!

The date said it all really liked some cruel joke at the peoples expense except it spilled over past 12pm and right into the next day.

1.1 Trillion USD is to save the world !!.

I couldnt fail to notice how the fawning,sycophantic UK media suck up to the "World Leaders" and how they are going to "save the world" particularly the Independant which is a left wing rag.

"Browns New World Order ! " was the headline on the front cover of the Guardian and the Daily Mail.

"Obama saves the world !!"

"Bunch of posing ,vulgar,egotistical Peacocks [international globalist bankers lackeys and poodles] and wives take the world stage and say they are going to save the planet !! at the taxpayers expense !!"

"Oh look its friend of the Browns JK Rowling arriving at number 10 for dinner !!"

"Michelle Obama gives inspiring speech to class full of kids !!"

"Everyone look at me !! I made it and i am successful !! You can do it as well !! If you work hard you can do it !! "

Instead just marry an upstart politician who has milked the system all his life and who acts like a messiah with a teleprompter.

Theres nothing as vulgar as new money


I wonder how big a carbon footprint this event has left behind ??

I always read the comments that are posted online in response to articles about all this that are posted on broadsheet websites as they are a very good way of getting an idea of others opinions on the subject and it does seem that the papers overestimate the stupidity of their readership.

I listened to Obama give a teleprompter speech for 1.5 minutes that didnt really say anything apart from wanting reinflate the bubble.The same with Fabian Society Bilderberger Lackey Gordon Brown.NWO - NWO - Common Purpose - etc etc.

Gordon Fabian brown wouldnt utter a word of apology anyone either for the preplanned catastrophe even if it was completely insincere as it usually is.

Typical Liberal.Never ever wrong.

There is definately something going on here and an agenda really is unfolding exactly as predicted.

I read some very interesting comments from some old people who were saying that they had the feeling that something big is possibly going to happen and they remember the very same thing happening in the years building up to WW2..

Not a Dickybird from any of them about untangling and solving or deflating the Derivatives bubble that is waiting in the wings....

1.1 Trillion created out of thin air and given out to various hard up countries that will disappear into whoever is ruling any particular hard up countries pockets to buy yachts and homes for themselves or to spend on arms or whatever.

While at the same time increasing the debt of the people of various nations and tying them into a cycle of debt payable with interest to the IMF and central Bankers.

Debt = Slavery especially if they have no chance of paying it off.

In short the 1.1 trillion will achieve nothing as 1.1 trillion is not going to make a scrap of difference.

What is it going to do ??

In short this meeting and its outcome which was already predecided has done nothing to address the problem that is the root cause of this mess.

|The problem is Globalism but you cant expect advocates of Globalism like Gordon Brown to even admit that Globalism is a catastrophe that has already happened.This is why he is still singing the praises of it to all the rest of them all the while knowing that 80 percent of the G20 morons at the same meeting advocate exactly the same thing with only Sarkozy and surprisingly Angela Merkel advocating common sense protectionism.

This is what i expected from Sarkozy who it has to said much to my own surprise hasnt turned out all that badly when i previously pre-judged or wrote him off as just another agent of Globalism and the EU.I suspect that Merkel on behalf of Germany doesnt mind destroying the identity of other EU countries via the Lisbon Treaty and the single currency but is rather less willing to not put her own country or fatherlands interests first and sign up to Gordon Browns globalist agenda.

All this meeting has achieved is a little bit of regulation by a central governing regulatory body to correct problems that shouldnt have happened anyway.

Not to mention the IMF now acting as a defacto central world bank exactly as predicted.

Tax Havens. This is most probably or almost certainly an effort on behalf of those who are pushing for an eventual worldwide central bank to threaten individual small countries who to a certain extent work outside of the rules or dictates of the G20 to bring them into line with the regulations/rules that will be imposed on them by the advocates of the single currency/world bank.

The fact that it is these countries that shelter the bank accounts of various world leaders and the super rich is another story but i suspect that there needs will already be taken care of anyway because i just diont see it being at all plausable that the super rich are suddenly going to have their rights and privaleges removed in the name of Globalism.

The G20 countries cannot actually force Tax havens to stop sheltering the Oligarchs etc who bank there so instead they will put their names on a list and leave it at that.

Likewise any country that puts the interests of their own first via protectionism will be "named and shamed".

Thats right.Named and shamed for not continuing on the same insane economic policies that have led to where we are now.

Globalism in other words.

They dont have the authority [yet] to actually dictate an individual countries economic policy.

There was *no mention* of their economic policy being a complete failure .

Just throw a bit more money at the problem.

Pathetic really and exactly what i expected.

This whole PR exercise will be paid for by UK taxpayers .

We pay Jamie Oliver who is a sellout to cook for them.

Gordon Brown is a despicable POS who has fucked this country over permanently.

It was a success in communication and co operation in furthering the Globalist /IMF/International Bankers agenda.

In other words a disaster for everyone else.

Unbelievably according to the questionable logic of Will Hutton Protectionism is a form of Racism.

"protectionism can lead to some very dark and unpleasent places..."

Oh shut up you ugly tiresome pseudo intellectual little Twat.

And stop saying "you Know" and "like" and all of those other stupid lazy low class little verbal affectations/tics because you lose all credibility.

"In my books..."

"like i said in my books...."

He didnt even write much about protectionism and he is just whoring himself to the media.anything for a pound note.

Another Blowhard wheeled out into the same radio slots and newspaper columns and is nice and safe and isnt going to say anything detrimental to the political agendas of the BBC.

Another critic who isnt objective


Is the idea of individual nations racist as well ?

Was Protectionism ever Racist before or has it suddenly become Racist ?

It is incredible how it has become such a dirty word so suddenly.

Bullshit-bullshit-bullshit-and yet more bullshit.

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