Thursday, 21 April 2011

Britains blitzkreig bombardment on Bankster Benefit fraud :

PM vows to crack down on Britains handout culture within govt and the Banking/Financial sector.

Clegg and Cameron attack "Useless scroungers/Useless Eaters" in the Banking/Financial sector.

Cameron promises tough action to de-incentivise the handout culture within the banking/financial sector by promising tough action.

Nick Clegg nodded in agreement

Britains benefits culture was exposed in all of its unpleasent ugly detail as govt figures showed that over 800,000,000,000 has been cheated and extorted from the hardworking UK taxpayer under the pretext of a sector that has itself decided that it is too big to fail while offering little or nothing of value in return since 2008.

Those responsible for looting the UK taxpayer incliude private sector investment bankers who are generally too fat to be able to work and contribute anything meaningful to society and who are generally degenerates who are addicted to drink and drugs with various psychological disorders resulting in an unquenchable thirst for free cash.

This group alone has cost taxpayers approx 650,000,000,000 in less than 3 years.There are nearly 500 different ailments that claimants within the banking sector can use to justify being given free cash which includes the trading and creation of fraudulent Derivatives Instruments also known as Exchange Traded Derivative Contracts being just one example of the type of fraudulent activity rife within this sector.

Last night critics were critical that a crackdown was overdue by nearly 3 years and further to that they were highly critical of the previous Neu Labour adminstration which actively encouraged and assisted the looting of the hardworking UK taxpayer and further criticised the latest proposal as "Too much and too little too late" while negating their previous criticism that action was long overdue.

The campaigning group the Taxpayers Alliance Against Banking Benefit Bailout Fraud said:"the benefit system urgently needs drastic reform to curtail this problem.The Banking welfare bill to the taxpayer has become unaffordable and when those within the banking/financial sector need to be given free cash in unspendable amounts because of greed,lifestyle problems,corruption and fraud then it doesnt seem fair to others in society who pay into the system"

Tory MPs joined in the outcry and jumped on the bandwagon saying:"People are just sick and tired of these useless parasitical faudulent degenerate scum who continually and persistently and willfully exploit the benefit system to fuel their exotic lifestyles and bad habits and gluttony.People are sick of them sponging and abusing the system and the people and Govt are correct in taking robust robust action to solve this problem and blight on society once and for all.The situation is unnacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue.

"Nobody objects to a welfare system in general but those who continually think that by throwing hardworking taxpayer cash at these problem individuals need to realise that the more cash they give them the more they keep coming back for more in ever increasing amounts so therefore they are fuelling the problem by feeding it which creates a culture of dependency which is self perpetuating."

All existing Incapability Benefit claimants are to be fully re-assessed and those who are generally too fat and greedy and degenerate towork will be forced to receive strictly conditional state support under the Useless Parasite Employment Support Allowance Program which will reduce weekly benefit handouts to 85.60 pw with an additional allowance of 42.50 if the claimant resides in the Greater London area.Those that are determined to be fit for work will be forced onto the Unemployment Disallowance scheme while they seek worthwhile employment within the public sector.

A third group who are deemed to be unemployable within the private sector will be forced onto the No-Hopers Rehabilitation Program where they will be forced to work for their benefits which will amount to 57.60pw.

This scheme is expected to be implemented by Spring 2020.

The PM denied that he was stigmatising people as being degenerate greedy criminal scum but the line has to be drawn between stigmatising and speaking the truth but the public believed that recipitents should be people who are not incapacitated through lifestyle problems and drug abuse and general greed and gluttony "as presently the system traps the banking/financial sector in a cycle of long term affluence and it is not good enough"

"It is absolutely not just tough action but it is tough talk as well" said the PM

Most common reasons cited in Bankster benefit claims:

1: Lack of liquidity

2: Obesity

3: A need to cover up ones own fraudulent activity by claiming that you are "Too big to fail"

4: A need to initiate a massive program of a massive injection of public funds to re-liquidate the banking/financial sector or else the sky wall fall in.

5: Greed and an over-inflated/overstated sense of self importance.

6: Various neurotic disorders

7: Alcoholism/Drug addiction/addiction to Prostitutes

8: A need to seize assets to centralise and consolidate wealth alongside debt generation programs courtesy of fiat currency courtesy of the RPPCBS.

9 : The trading/exchanging of Derivatives which has created a 1.5 Quadrillion USD investment bubble.

10: Criminality.

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