Saturday, 16 April 2011

The power of Wikileaks to stir up unrest in NA/ME:

I did smell a rat with @Weakileaks right from the word go and their controlled leaks.

If leaked info was that serious a problem to the US and other parties that were involved/implicated in the info then none of it would have been published by the MSM but its clear now as it was then that the leaks were part of an agenda which was not about freedom of information however to the uninitiated it would appear to be exactly that.

Alan Rusbridger* wins an award for coverage of @Weakileaks :

*Alan Rusbridger is the editor of Liberal rag The Guardian.

The Guardian - The paper that is OK to read as its so Right On.The paper that says its OK to bomb Libyans.

The Independent is just the same in todays article that claims that Gadaffi is using cluster bombs based on claims by the inconsistent/fraudulent Human Rights Watch organisation while ignoring what munitions Nato/US are using themselves which is obviously based on the fraudulent pretext that NATO/US are above reproach.

Raise the double standard !

So far The Guardian have failed to cover the DU topic.It was also interesting that how the comments posted in the comments section of the Independent article reflect my comment here.

Alan Rusbridger will have time to reflect on what is going on now in Libya and Egypt and all over the ME/NA and what the end result of this will be but at this point it doesnt matter if Alan Rusbridger does or doesnt understand the agenda as the end result is the same whichever way.

Knowingly or unknowingly The Guardian has assisted in the NATO/UN offensive against Libya which includes the use of DU munitions.Actually the Guardian promote it heavily.

If the pious Liberal media are behind something like this then you know that it is deeply suspect and questionable.

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