Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Why dont people listen ?

I am sick of this crap already.After a telephone converstation with someone to clear up a problem i was led to believe that everything was agreed and understood.This was 3 - 5 days ago.Now it seems that things have changed on their end.Why is it that after i made certain things explicitly clear and that what i made clear was agreed upon by both parties the goalposts have been moved ?

As far as i am concerned the goalposts have not been moved and things are as they were left but today i was told that the other partie was not happy and that they had their own ideas.

Why am i told that there is a conflicting version of events ?

Fucking bullshit and i have all this before time and time and time again wheras i stick rigidly to the arrangement and i am not going to be told that i did not say what i said especially as i made the arrangement as i can recall word for word what that arrangement was.So no selective memory here and i am not tolerating the selective memory routine as i have a memory for details.

If the other partie is overstretched/overcommitted in their business then its not my problem as i am a client who is paying for their services and i dont offload my problems onto them and i have offered to pay more cash and i have gone out of my way to be reasonable and helpful.

Tomorrow this will get sorted out but its unfortunate as it was totally unnecessary.

The only thing i did wrong was to not update them but it was left with the arrangement that if there was no update then nothing has changed.I was also uncontactable due to the crime of not having a mobile in my possession today.

Now i have to decide wether the clients should spend cash that they can just about afford or not.

There us a lot of this sort of thing about.

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