Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Journalistic Whores:

I am sick of biased media that does not report truth.I am sick of trawling through a slew of loaded biased crap when i want to know what is going on in the Ivory Coast.

Sickening how it all has to kow-tow to an agenda and 90 percent of those who work for the MSM are a disgrace to themselves and everyone else and if they had any principles they would leave but instead they whore themselves out for a paycheck while they willingly lie and deceive.

They get paid for it but they are not respected and as much as i despise them for it they are not allowed to be proper Journalists anyway.Its even more laughable that professional journalists complain about Amateur Journalists when Amateur Journalists are fulfilling a need that is neglected by the MSM.

A bunch of sellout whore chickenneck Cunts.

I barely read any of it and only when its relevant and i certainly dont pay for any of it as i am so disgusted with it.

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