Friday, 15 April 2011

Twitter Revolutionaries and the Brerzinski/Kissinger/TC/CFR global chessboard: :

The power of Facebook and Twitter to generate and steer and manipulate and gather intelligence on revolutions.

Create the revolutions by starving them of cash and food as people will get angry and then capitalise on it when everything is in place.

What people think is something that enables revolutionaries to connect with each other and recruit is a weapon that is used against them to sabotage the revolution which is exactly what is going in NA/ME.

They are not streetwise enough to understand this unfortunately but it cannot be a good idea to advertise what you are doing or have planned to intelligence agencies.

The majority of people have no understanding of the duality/reverse polarity of things but this explains why Hilarity Clinton was giving speeches about how Facebook/Twitter are empowering people to overthrow political regimes in the ME/NA.

In future it might be an idea to feed intelligence gathering manipulating agencies false information to the agents that are scouring and monitoring Twitter feeds in Langley Virginia.

The revolutions in the ME/NA are all foregone conclusions because the revolutionaries simply do not understand what they are dealing with.

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