Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Noisy neighbours:

I just found out my that Father who was in Tunisia for 1 month was staying in an apartment that was above a Crack/drug dealing den inhabited by very noisy Moroccans that was raided by police just after he moved out.The story that he told me was very similar to mine but its unfair and very biased to draw the same conclusion as my Father just did.

Sparks are going to fly here when i decide that i have had enough and when i have had enough things can get very unpleasent.The latest in a succession of transients are a bunch of 18 to 20 something Africans* who have moved in next door as it is a rental property.They are incapable of talking quietly and i am tired of hearing their constant yabbering.More often than not they shout.They are also obsessed with constantly slamming doors.

The letting agents advertised the property as being "In a quiet Mews" but now its not so quiet.I only know who the letting agents are because i recalled the logo on their car that was parked outside or else i wouldnt have a clue.

And the constant THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP of their music.

Like hyperactive children who need to have constant stimuli.Pathetic.

People who talk to much constantly and wont STFU piss me right the fuck off.

I am tired of their noise pollution already and i dont want a load of fucking layabouts living nextdoor.This is a QUIET Mews and it has always been quiet generally speaking and its going to stay fucking quiet.This bunch sleep all day and stay up all night and they barely leave the house.So they get peace and quiet from my end as i am either working or even if i am in i am quiet.Right now i can hear their TV and i do not want to hear their TV and i am not tolerating that all summer.Every night its shouting and laughing out loud which i can hear despite my window being closed.

Why does their TV have to be so loud ?

are they fucking deaf or what ??

They are not unreasonable to talk to and i dont dislike them but i am fast reaching my limits and twice i have been ignored after requesting that they keep the noise down.

I presume they understand basic English ?

Once i shouted at them to STFU at 3am after they were laughing and shouting in the yard.

I will be onto the letting agents if it gets out of hand which it already has and i will be onto the owner of the property and i resent being put in the situation of having to be unpleasent when all i want is a quiet life.I dont want to have to have to keep going round there complaining but as per fucking usual i end up in the wrong despite being in the right.The letting agents have let the wrong kind of people move in but what the fuck do they care ?Fucking load of useless Cunts are Letting Agents and i hate the whole rental sector industry as its full of cunts who only care about themselves and who want others to subsidise and pay for their investment.

They soon will care once i have finished with them and that is fucking guaranteed as that is one thing i am good at.

I dont know why i dont get some T Shirts printed with either : Treat Me Like A Cunt Or I Am In The Wrong By Default even Though I Am In the Right.

This is a recurring theme throughout my life so far.

Next time i move it is going to be to a place that is Conservative with professional people that work as i have had it up to here with living in a Liberal Cosmopolitan town full of fucking layabouts and god knows what else that dont work and all the rest of it.

I am sick of this attitude where people are only into themselves with no consideration for others where they think they can do what they like but that is not going to happen here and if they dont like it then they can fuck off and live elsewhere.

I have a right to peace and quiet and i will not be deprived of it as i will fucking well enforce it if i have to.

Fuckers.Fucking Zombiehead TV watchers.You are some kind of fucking emptyhead if you have nothing better to do than just watch fucking TV and Hollywood slop.This is the problem with todays society too many shallow self absorbed selfish people.This is one of the reasons why society is degenerating.

I am going to live right out in the sticks eventually as i did it for two years among other instances and i was very happy that way without any of these annoying useless pointless fuckers around.

I am fucking sick of the old mental case woman who lives in the end house.I was outside the other day scrubbing birdshit off the walls in the yard and then i sit next to her wall where i was stroking the cat and out she comes telling me not to touch her walls when i wasnt touching her walls as i have no interest in touching her walls.Fucking senile mentally ill rancid old fucking trout.Last time she did this i just told her she was boring and that i wasnt listening.

She contributes fuck all to the maintenance of the yard partly because she is a fucking mental case who i dont want to deal with and neither does anyone else for that matter.

People are annoying cunts who talk too much

*I bet they have no clue about what is going on in their country concerning Africom for example.But of course they are well into Western Rap/RnB culture with their falling down trousers.It always amazes me how stupid these people are who soak up aspects of degenerate Western culture like a sponge while disregarding their own.Totally mindless.Two of them walk in such a way that it looks they have crapped themselves.

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