Wednesday, 25 May 2011

73,486 US soldiers dead from both Gulf Wars

73,486 US soldiers dead from both Gulf Wars and thats obviously not counting Afghanistan and wherever else in the last decade.Its not exactly groundbreaking news that a Govt would conceal the true casualty figures during times of war and it should not be necessary to explain why other than to say that a govt needs the support of its people to continue the war effort and high casualty figures can upset the people somewhat but having said that i still find it makes me very angry reading that figure and it still has a certain amount of shock value although it has confirmed my suspicions.

Anyway surely there has to come a time when any sane and intelligent adult with awareness of what is going on that this situation we are in is totally unnacceptable ??

Are you really truly happy and content and satisfied that your military is being used and abused in this fashion while YOU pay for it literally with your taxes and with the lives of those who have been used and abused and deceived into a false sense of Patriotism when in reality they pay and YOU pay for something that is of absolutely NO benefit to you or your country in any way whatsoever ???

Are you happy that 73,486 gave their lives to a criminal regime and that there is NO END IN SIGHT and in 10 years time there will more than likely be another 73,486 dead or that the figures will likely run into 6 or even 7 figures ???

Will more parents in the future be happy to not question or object to the criminal system and be happy to see their son or daughter be packed off to some third world country to fight for interests that dont benefit themselves in any way due to their own ignorance and fake patriotism ???

I have news for all of you and that is that ignorance and fake Patriotism costs financially and costs lives and here is where you start paying and in reality you are all already paying and you will continue to pay and you will not stop paying until each and every one of you stop living in denial and face reality and start dealing with it in in a constructive fashion instead of continually giving your implicit consent for this situation and your unrepresentative elected representatives and sham of a political system which amounts to nothing more than Corporate Fascism with some fake Liberalism and some Collectivism thrown in to make it appear more palatable to the uneducated/unaware electorate.

There is also NOTHING wrong with being wrong and no shame in it and being wrong is just a process thaty you have to go through before bei9ng right which involves accepting that you are wrong and then learning from it which should be an ongoing process so i have no idea why some adults have such a problem with it.

Failure to realise and admit that you dont know is a block to learning.

I dont think someone is stupid for being wrong or naive as they simply dont know although it is seriously tempting just to ridicule anyone who is so childish and naive to trust their Govt implicitely just like a child would trust an adult implicitely that they would be looked after while having no clue what the intention of the adult may be.

Its time to deal with reality.

Look at the state of the US now after nearly 3 yrs of the Obama adminstration who has done NOTHING for the US or its people including African-Americans as all he has done is continue what is known as continuity of agenda as in Obomba being no different in policy to GWBush etc etc which means ciontinuing foreign offensives and giving shedloads of YOUR cash to the banking/financial sector.

How i so clearly recall being labelled/slandered as a Rascist numerously when i objected to this fraud before and after being elected.

Obama - Obama - Where have you been ?

I have been up to London to visit the Queen to tell her that the US has a very very special relationship with the UK and before i have to leave the keyboard to vomit its because of the private central banking system based in the City Of London which the queen is a major shareholder of amongst many many other things.

I quote Henry Kissinger who refers to military personel as "Dumb Animals".

How tragic it is that the collective WE or the vast majority of could sink this low.

and while you all sit their stuffing your faces watching TV or playing on your XBoxes or whatever it is that you are doing doing your elected unrepresentatitive Govt is in meetings discussing how to curtail and control the Internet which is of course the last outpost of real freedom that was given to each and everyone of you that is just about the most empowering thing that has happened.

So of course they are all acting in your best interests but what if they are not and if so what are YOU personally going to do about it ???

Nothing ?

Do you even care ?

Does or would this even enter into your consciuousness assuming your consciousness doesnt simply revolve around childish self gratification and ME - ME - ME - I - I - I ???

What a mess and i have to say that if you all choose inaction against action then you are all F U C K E D.

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