Thursday, 7 April 2011

WTF is going on in Japan ?

[As i write this i get the strong feeling that time has slowed down for some inexplicable reason for the second time tonight99 percent of the time i think its speeding up.Whatever.....,]

WTF is that ??

Firstly the light and the earthquake were reported as originating offshore which if its correct rules out a lot of possible explanations that could possibly explain it or be contrived to explain it.

Right from the outset i have heard so much talk of the earthquake being caused by HAARP but i have dismissed it all from the outset as just talk that is not backed by any evidence or i that i have an insufficient understanding of what HAARP is and what it is capable of and i dont want to jump to conclusions about any of it since Japan is on an earthquake zone so the earthquake being natural is plausable and more likely fact.

I dont need to needlessly complicate a terrible situation without evidence.

However after watching the above video i am a bit less sceptical or as much as i can be without knowing who where or what the light source is.

I have never ever seen anything like this and i keep playing back the video as its fascinating and addictive and slightly unnerving.

At the beginning of the video there is what looks like a blue pulse of light/energy that not the way you usually see light behave.Its like it was blasted outwards.Slightly similar in away to an exploding nuclear warhead in the way it radiates outwards.It looks like a pulse.

Then 3 blue diffused flashes that move around very quickly.

Then what looks to be sheet lightning which is possible or it suggests that the source of the light energy whatever it is is interfering with the atmosphere and clouds.

Then the best bit which is the blue sphere of light that grows and then reduces in size.There is also a much smaller white light to the right of the blue sphere for a couple of seconds.

What is interesting and noticable is that after visiting some MSM online news sites [The BBC[UK Pravda] and The Telegraph to name two] is how they cover the earthquake and yet pay no attention to the light spectacle as if to suggest nothing to see here - nothing of interest here and its being completely ignored as if its perfectly normal.

I am sure a govt 'expert" will be along in a minute so i await any response from them or anyone who can provide at least a satisfactory explanation that holds water as just explaining its earthquake lights without any comparisons is meaningless.

It doesnt look natural to me.

There may be no official explanation or if there is it might well be a lame explanation.Sky TV reported it but i havent searched for reports on it yet.....

Electromagnetic energy is being offered as an explanation but what i want to know is this a recorded phenomena and for how long since there have been plenty of earthquakes in last few hundred years so if this blue light is documented over at least 100 years plus then that proves something and disproves the HAARP theory but if its only a very recent phenomena then thats cause to think its not natural as earthquakes dont just suddenly start generating a lightshow of blue light.

More of the same filmed in Chile beofre or at the beginning of the earthquake:

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